Own Ferrari’s Le Mans-Winning Hypercar – 499P Modificata

499P Modificata: More Powerful Than Le Mans Winners

Ferrari recently presented the 499 Modificata, a specific small-scale track car intended only for non-competitive use. The 499P -which won the 2023 24 Hours of Le Mans- acted as its basis, allowing Ferrari to let go and free it up for private racing purposes. This way, the well-off clients who obtain this track-only hypercar get it without having to meet the FIA WEC sporting and technical standards.

The Ferrari 499 Modificata still retains the hybrid V6, which shares a similar engine architecture with the Ferrari 296. However, the output has been increased to 858 horsepower (from 671 hp). A new “push to pass” system has been implemented, adding an extra 161 horsepower for no more than seven seconds per activation. When deactivated, the power unit produces 697 hp.

The electric front axle and four-wheel drivetrain can be activated at low speeds, since regulations do not restrict the speed at which it can be enabled. Moreover, the track car is fitted with specially designed Pirelli tires – 310/710-18 at the front and 340/710-18 at the rear – that have been crafted to offer “predictable handling and to maximize feedback” when driving in a non-competitive environment. These tire designations are different from those of regular road tires, as they indicate the approximate width and outside diameter of the tire in millimeters.

A comprehensive revamp is in order for the suspension configuration, electronic regulators, and motor settings. This overhaul ought to grant a major alteration for a smoother overall performance.

The conception of the 499P Modificata was formulates by the Ferrari Styling Center directed by Flavio Manzoni, who currently has on his portfolio the million-dollar 812 Competizione donated for charity and SP3 Daytona.

The 499P Modificata boasts a full-carbon fiber monocoque frame harmoniously coupled with varied air intakes to chill the V6 engine, battery, and seven-speed sequential transmission.

Within, Ferrari preserved the single seat format as that of the Le Mans racer, desiring to maintain a similar driving experience to #50 and #51 vehicles which achieved great success at the famous 24-hour contest.

Months ago, CarBuzz made the announcement about the unveiling of the 499P Modificata, subsequently sparked by a range of trademark paperwork demonstrating it as an exclusive customer-requested layout. Those documents further appear to imply there may be other adaptations marveling into view, comprising roadable versions such as the 499 GTB, the 499 GTS (soft-top) and the 499 Speciale.

Ferrari kept the price tag of its special track-only model under wraps, but those who purchase such cars normally don’t fret over the cost. The fortunate owners of this vehicle will be able to take advantage of the “Sport Prototipi Clienti” program, offering help with maintenance and support (both technical and logistical) for track events.

Contemplate this as an especially privileged manifestation of the Ferrari FXX program. Envision yourself partaking in something that surpasses even the most discriminating conceptions of luxuriousness and performance – one that stands out even more than what the FXX agenda serves up.

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