Firn Tuning Wants to Refine the BMW XM

Larte Design’s Biggest Venture Yet

The BMW XM exists within a densely populated arena of high-powered SUVs. Nevertheless, as we found out on our road test last month, it lacks the features to hold its own as either a true luxury vehicle or an exemplary M Series car. Further, although it may seem like it has come from an alternate world, Larte Design applied further exclusivity, if that could even be accomplished.

After a 6-month-long engineering and design endeavor, Larte has revealed its most daring project to date. The automobile featured in the accompanying photo gallery is called the XM Label (it was known by the moniker XM Label Red beforehand), and only 500 specimens will be produced. It sports a ONE-OF-A-KIND Frozen Carbon Black finish, but this is only one of the many aesthetic enhancements.

Larte’s kit is completely crafted of carbon fiber, making up 17 various elements. In order to shape the vehicle, a life-sized clay model had to be formed first, after which it underwent multiple phases of production and lacquering at Larte’s plant. The exterior is further shaped with a customized hood featuring an edgy design, a two-piece splitter for the front, an elaborate radiator grille tinted Toronto Red, side moldings, wheel arch extensions, plus a forceful diffuser furnished with custom made carbon exhaust tips.

The vehicle’s contours are further highlighted by 23-inch red-accented forged wheels. Larte’s distinctive hallmark is the double brake lamps, budded beautifully into the headlamps and matching the Toronto Scarlet embellishments of this exclusive version. Hexagonal dual exhausts with carbon fiber outlets, a pair of spoilers on the lid of the cargo and a sporty spoiler on top endow this SUV with an all-the-more intense look.

No radical changes have been observed below the bonnet as the hybridized 4.4-liter V8 engine is still present. The XM Badge provides a total of 748 horsepower and can send the car shooting to sixty-two miles per hour in an astonishingly quick 3.8 seconds.

The approximate price of Larte’s upgrade kit is around $46,450 and comprises of all the outside pieces, containing bumpers and wheel arch expanders. An arrangement of 23-inch custom-made wheels can be bought for an extra $9,400.

Source: Larte Design

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