Larte Design Gives BMW X6 M Stylish Carbon Fiber Upgrade

X6 M Aggressive Look from Aerodynamic Kit

The tuning workshop, Larte Design based in Germany, recently unveiled a new bodykit composed of carbon fiber for the BMW X6 M.

The athletic styling kit enhances the lines of the X6 M, giving it an edgy style to correspond with its 617-horsepower Performance. Larte Design’s visual accessories suit both the pre-facelift X6 M Competition and the more recent LCI model released in 2020.

The custom hood affords extra air vents and power domes, imparting a sporty look to the X6 M. Clients can select from full carbon fiber or a better-quality composite material; this latter choice is obtainable in either glossy black or identical paint job as the car body. This hood has been crafted with attention to quality and safety per the German TUV’s stringent requirements; it furthermore facilitates route of water away from the vehicle body, avoiding any risk of leakage into the engine bay.

The new three-piece front splitter certainly gives the front fascia of the X6 M a more aggressive look. Interestingly, the component does not reduce the ground clearance of the vehicle, so it is still practical to use. At the back, Larte Design has redesigned the diffuser to make it more appealing to X6 M customers, who had previously described the stock item as “boring and unremarkable”. Now, there is no doubt that the new diffuser stands out from the crowd.

The diffuser encloses the exhaust tips with a distinct slanted form. To match the individual’s liking, the tips can be procured in both matte and glossy black effects which are simply attached to the stock-installed exhaust system. Larte made sure that the diffuser does not block any other functionalities of the car aspect. Thus permitting the car parking sensors to keep functioning as it usually does, even when having a tow hitch equipped.

Elsewhere, the trunk lid features a subtle spoiler, while the renowned BMW logo is replaced with the Larte insignia.

If you are longing for a rear spoiler that exudes more presence, Larte Design has an amplified wing for the performance coupe SUV that fuses together supercar styling cues. Carbon fiber is available as an option for additional accessories such as side mirror caps, side skirts, and fender trims.

The five-spoke alloy wheels with carbon blades of the X6 M have been specially designed to pay homage to its heritage in a subtle way. They are painted black and bear a striking resemblance to the iconic BMW “throwing stars” that were used on the E34 M5 – a neat touch that gives the vehicle a classic feel.

With the carbon fiber kit, you’re not only contributing to an attractive exterior. All of these components were fashioned using top-tier designs; Larte Design states that the kit was evaluated by TUV professionals at velocities reaching 180 mph on the autobahn. Astonishing accomplishments indeed!

Persistence remains unaltered, however the double-charged 4.4 liter V8 produces an abundance of power. Equipped with 617 horsepower and 553 lbs.-ft of torque on hand of the driver, achieving 0 to 60 can be reached in a matter of 3.7 seconds. Last but not least, the X6 M has the attractive aesthetics to match its formidable vigor.

Are you captivated? The twelve-piece set can be acquired for €19,500 (roughly $21,100), but the finer carbon fiber finish bumps up the cost by approximately 30% more. The basic version including a rear diffuser and front lip adds up to €4,690 (nearly $5,100).

The cost might appear a bit steep, but Larte Performance carbon-fiber body kits are produced with prepreg carbon fiber, utilizing autoclaves in Europe that also provide first-rate composites to prestigious car firms such as Porsche, Bugatti, Bentley, and BMW. To make things simpler, the company has primary subsidiaries in Germany and the US.

If a stately German SUV isn’t for you, Larte Design recently exposed their latest broad-body pack for the Cadillac Escalade, and it is just as extraordinary.

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