Fixing Cost of Side-swiped Lamborghini Urus: $62,000

Cost of Paint: $4,192
My Lamborghini Urus Made It Only 2 hours into a 1 Month Rental

The Urus may not be as exotic as the Huracan and Revuelto, but it’s still a vehicle that most of us can only dream of owning. With a starting price of more than $200,000, it’s out of reach for all but the wealthiest of individuals. But if you want to experience the 641 horsepower that the Urus offers, then renting one is your best bet. So, if you’ve ever wanted to take a few friends along for a ride in a Super SUV from Sant’Agata Bolognese, then you know what to do.

Gotham Dream Cars, a rental corporation, has one in their inventory however it is inoperative in the interim. An expected thirty days of rental ended in merely two hours after the 2022 Urus – having only traveled around 5,000 miles – was rammed while idling at an intersection. Currently, the Lamborghini with its many racing features is the most common model, as by 2022 mid-year, 20,000 had already been developed; although curiously, parts to replace are rather obscure.

Rob Ferretti, the CEO of the rental company, recounts his story of not having the ability to obtain the needed passenger-side doors and side mirrors from damaged autos. His goal was to make the Urus operational within a one-week time frame, however, it has been two weeks since the occurrence with still no signs of necessary replacement components.

The parts alone cost $36,292, plus $9,487 for labor to put the body together. That doesn’t account for the paint labor, which adds up to $6,987, plus an additional $4,192 for the paint. Work done on the frame is estimated at $1,050, with another $128 for “body supplies.” The most interesting part of the repair bill is the $35 for “miscellaneous.”

All told, getting the Urus mended will amount to an absolute bill of $58,173; adding up to a colossal total of $62,027 with the sales tax included. It appears that this sum could procure the same cost as purchasing a 2024 BMW M2 – for just several doors and a rearview mirror of an SUV to be swapped out. Feeling the pinch? Keep in mind the Lamborghini is connected via its mechanics to the much more reasonable Audi RS Q8, which clocks in at virtually half the price!

The rental bureau made the driver an offer of a different vehicle seeing as it was not his responsibility and he is paying for the entire month. Despite this, he has opted to hang tight until the Urus can be repaired.

Source: superspeedersRob / Youtube

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