Fly the Lexus LC 500 Edge Limited Edition to America!

Lexus Reworked: Better Drive for More Refinement

Encircling the latest launch in Lexus’ restricted-number delivery, the Edge model is built off the LC 500. This exclusive collection poses the notion of exquisite designs drawn from avian creatures with their Inspiration Series and Aviation Edition.

With just sixty examples available, the Lexus LC 500 Edge doesn’t have any new flashy features listed on the spec sheet. However, Lexus has made refinements to the V8-powered car to make it “sharper and more graceful,” as they put it, primarily in regards to the driving dynamics.

The 5.0L Lexus V8 engine has been altered by modifying the heft of moving pieces and lessening frictional force, resulting in a smoother functioning performance. Moreover, the back differential has been manually configured for enhanced acceleration as well as faster deceleration responsiveness.

The press release was void of any details on power increases, however it is fair to believe that the limited edition remains with its 471-hp and 540 Nm torque build since it traces its roots back to the LC 500. Regrettably, the Edge fails to benefit from the hybrid engine currently incorporated in the LC 500h, which supplies 354 hp and 500 Nm of torque.

Aerodynamic slight adjustments have been incorporated, with the installation of modern canards on either side of the front bumper. This operates in conjunction with the fixed rear wing, permitting the vehicle to remain glued to the street as a result of the downforce generated.

It is said that body rigidity has seen a “dramatic” improvement with the inclusion of a newly-designed rear aluminum hollow suspension member and an underfloor brace for the front. This combination of components is believed to be the key to providing the best possible ride quality and handling performance.

Inside, Lexus opted for Kachiiro finished in one single hue of blue, accented by the upgraded 12.3-inch infotainment touchscreen that replaced the touchpad controller. Passengers also gain access to the enriching Lexus Safety System+ which offers noteworthy advances regarding the monocular camera as well as the millimeter-wave radar.

In light of the announced changes, Lexus USA has urged a few instances of this exclusive version of the Lexus LC 500 Edge for assessments. However, it appears that only buyers from Japan will have the special edition; only 60 purchasers will be able to indulge, which will be selected via a selection process. Those interested in buying have been informed of this model’s worth – close to ¥17.6 million (approximately $126,296), which is ¥3.5 million ($25,116) higher than the source variation.

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