Limited Edition F Sport EV: 100 Units of Lexus RZ 450e for Superior Performance

Lexus Boosts Performance with Specially Designed Aero Parts

Lexus has recently debuted a special edition version of the RZ 450e, their inaugural electric car available in the American market. Departing from the traditional design of its predecessor, the F Sport Performance boldly enters the fray with notable enhancements.

The RZ 450e boasts distinctive features like the carbon fiber wing and turning vanes. Up front, a deeper lip spoiler is visible, while the rear showcases noticeable side skirts. Along with the athletic rear fascia and twin spoilers, this electric crossover resembles a larger, high-performance hatchback rather than a lavish luxury car.

These new inclusions serve more than just an aesthetic purpose. Lexus has put considerable effort into ensuring they enhance the vehicle’s aerodynamic capabilities. In fact, the company sought the expertise of aircraft pilot Yoshihide Muroya when creating these elements. Overall, there are a total of 17 new aero-improving components within the F Sport Performance. It remains to be seen whether this will successfully elevate the unimpressive 220-mile range.

Lexus has a history of drawing inspiration from the sky, and that trend continues. Back in 2022, the high-end brand released a unique carbon fiber spoiler for their LC Coupe model, which was crafted through the use of cutting-edge aviation methods.

According to Lexus, the electric crossover is equipped with 21-inch multispoke wheels, specially tuned shocks, and coil springs. In order to enhance the driving experience, professional race car driver Masahiro Sasaki was enlisted to fine-tune the vehicle’s dynamics. The brand boasts that this results in “uncompromising driving performance,” although it may be difficult to believe that this bulky electric crossover can truly live up to such high expectations, especially when compared to the standard RZ model.

There may be a sense of déjà vu when looking at the RZ F Sport Performance, as it draws inspiration from the RZ Sport Concept in terms of its design. The striking Hakugin silver paint complements the dark accents and bold blue highlights. Inside the car, the combination of blue accents, Ultrasuede seats with detailed blue stitching, and sleek aluminum-trimmed pedals adds a touch of sportiness to the otherwise subdued black interior.

Lexus has not made any mention of potential performance enhancements, leading us to believe that the 450e model will maintain its original drivetrain, boasting a robust 308 horsepower and an impressive 320 lb-ft of torque. However, if you were anticipating a boost in power, do not despair just yet. There is a possibility that Lexus is currently developing a high-performance version, the RZ 550e.

The RZ 450e F Sport Performance is currently only available in Japan. And even if you happen to reside in Japan and have the necessary funds to buy one, there is no guarantee that you will be able to purchase it. Due to a limited production of only 100 units, the car manufacturer has implemented a lottery system, with applications being accepted by dealerships.

If you are one of the privileged few, the F Sport Performance also grants you an exclusive invitation to attend the Lexus Electrified Journey. This provides the opportunity for the proprietor to utilize charging stations all around Japan, with complimentary access to Lexus dealership chargers.

Lexus has recently unveiled the new RZ 300e, now available with front-wheel drive and at a more budget-friendly price point. The base model can be purchased for $54,000.

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