Force India 2018 F1 Motorhome For Sale In Germany

Perfect Home for F1 Fans–Kitchen, Baths, Sleep Quarters, Lounge.
You Can Buy Your Own F1 Motorhome... But What's Inside?

If you have witnessed Drive To Survive or attended an F1 contest, you may have been curious about those buildings which the teams reside in within the paddock. Equipped with a complete cooking area, dining area, and workspaces, they appear to be permanent structures at every racetrack. In truth, these are motorhomes which are moved to each competition, and sometimes they can be purchased.

The F1 Motorhome depicted in Matt Amys’ video was originally owned by the Force India team and utilized in 2018. Surprisingly, this pricey structure originally retailed for a whopping $4.8 million, but it can now be purchased for just 500,000 euros (which equals approximately $538,000). The only issue is that it currently resides in Hildesheim, Lower Saxony, Germany, and will require a crane and some heavy-duty trucks to get it where it needs to go.

The motor home is described as “elegant and fully equipped”, featuring sleeping areas, bathrooms, showers, and offices. For added comfort, it also boasts a top-floor lounge with a large deck, offering stunning views of the paddock. It is further furnished with all the desks, chairs, massage tables, and other fixtures that the team used.

Additionally, the purchasers acquire a wealth of merchandise and memorabilia that were provided with the motorhome, including photographs of the F1 vehicles, promotional posters, handbooks for various racetracks, training material, and even a pair of Esteban Ocon’s racing briefs. Unfortunately though, it doesn’t come with an F1 car or enough space to store your desired speedster.

In spite of this, infinite possibilities exist for the person who purchases the motorhome. They could found their own racing outfit or convoy to any gathering and be the focus of attention. It would make an ideal foundation for a singular habitation – much better than a very small dwelling or one assembled out of freight cases.

It won’t compare to some of the more lavish homes or the Kingsley Coach motorhome we witnessed in the past year. Still, the Force India Motorhome offers an incredible amount of room. Taking into consideration the value of real estate, $538,000 is a reasonable cost for accommodation which is ready to live in. Even though the Force India team was not as triumphant as their competitors such as Red Bull, Mercedes and McLaren, their motorhome is a chill and extraordinary example of Formula One legacy.

Source: Matt Amys via YouTube

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