Ford F-150 Raptor R Outpowers Ferrari Purosangue

Ram TRX Beaten Down

The just-unveiled 2024 Ford F-150 has been newly redesigned, featuring a variety of new trim levels and costs, until now when the highest ranked version of the all-new model year was made public with an increase in its horsepower to 720.

Back in September, Ford made it clear that they were aiming to make the upcoming model of their full-size off-road truck the ‘most powerful ever’. Despite facing obstacles such as union disputes, recalls, and stock market instability, they have managed to surpass their expectations and have added an extra 20 horsepower to the 2023 model.

Not only does this provide it a noteworthy 18-hp lead on the 2024 Ram TRX but additionally, it possess more potency than its brother Ford GT and even the 715-hp Ferrari Purosangue. What an accomplishment to be proud of!

The horsepower increase is a result of “reduced air inlet losses” (which is essentially a larger intake) and “optimized calibration” (a new ECU tune). This has the added benefit of a wider torque curve, however, overall torque remains unchanged at 640 lb-ft, meaning the TRX still has a 10 lb-ft lead. Regardless, this won’t be the number that buyers in this segment will be most concerned about, as the Raptor R is also a few hundred pounds lighter.

No other specifics have been proffered, however this as yet does not detract from the impressive update due in 2024 – Fox Dual Live shocks with adjustable rebound control for improved onroad and off-road driving experiences. Desirably, there will also be a modular front bumper providing easier view of tires beside the fitting of 37-inch tires plus additional options such as a light bar.

Ford is grabbing hold of the V8 scene with great might, seizing the opening that was created when the Mustang was no longer pitted against traditional muscle cars, and the future gap once Stellantis swaps out the TRX moniker with a turbocharged 6-cylinder motor. Moreover, Ford is aggressively pursuing global motorsport competitions such as NASCAR, Le Mans, Australia’s Supercars events and the bewitchingly flamboyant art series of drifting – thus recapturing their performance reputation from Hemi-powered Hellcats.

Unless Stellantis has concealed any unforeseen plans – or can improve the electric muscle cars they intend to make beyond their V8 ancestors -, Ford is the sovereign. In relation to that, everyone would be pleased if the Mustang was recreated with its iconic appellation. Jim Farley, please take our recommendation.

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