Ford Hit with Record-Breaking Recalls in 2023

CEO Jim Farley’s Promise to Improve: Work Remains.

By 2022, Ford had the most recalls of any US firm, automotive or otherwise, with statistics from the NHTSA indicating that it was still in first place for the opening semester of 2023. As reported by the NHTSA, Ford has announced 31 recalls this year that have affected over 4.1 million automobiles throughout the US. When viewing the comparable point in the preceding year, the Blue Oval had initiated 44 recalls influencing around 6.7 million vehicles, although there may be a slight development. Unfortunately, it’s still quite unsettling that Ford is having persisting issues with reliability.

The most impaired transports include the Ford Fusion and Lincoln MKZ, with approximately 1.3 million erstwhile editions being called in for potential break hoses that may breach. Jim Farley, CEO of Ford, own to that rectifying quality is a long-term mission that will take several years to attain, yet the corporation is making attempts for achieving this goal. The 2023 Super Duty truck range has been produced via new quality control systems so it is going to form the basis for judging whether Ford keeps their commitment of fabricating more unbeatable conveyances.

It is essential to take into account that automakers should always prefer to issue recalls rather than remain silent about potential quality issues, particularly in situations where safety may be compromised.

“Our aspiration is to reach the pinnacle of quality performance for F-150, Super Duty, Bronco, Ranger trucks and Transit vans by 2025,” stated Maria Buczkowski, a Ford spokesperson, in a statement to Automotive News. “We are determined to be among the leading contenders in all other segments. Where we have not been able to avert quality issues from occurring, our commitment to customers is to identify and address them expeditiously. Recalls are one tool that allows us to do this, and it is a highly visible part of our overall quality performance.”

The count of recalls leading from Stellantis North America accounted for the 2nd highest figure, encompassing 26 calls with a combined total of 1.7 million vehicles. While Ford has a lot yet to overcome to be the head of the pack when it comes to nobleness, its situation appears slightly improved from last year.

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