Steering Lockup Risk In Ford Bronco Wildtrak & Raptor

Bronco Wildtrak and Raptor Steering Lock-up Issue

Ford has launched a recall for certain Ford Bronco models due to a lock-up issue in their steering system, insisting that customers cease driving the impacted models until it is resolved. A potential fault with the ball nut retainer may be present on 343 Bronco models, creating a likelihood of zero control over the direction with the steering wheel. Inability to steer holds just as many dangers as an incapacity to brake, which explains why Ford has urged drivers to refrain from using their vehicles before being repaired.

A total of 343 Bronco vehicles have been affected, out of which 283 are the Wildtrack models and the remaining 60 are from the Raptor series. These trims represent some of the costliest editions available in the Bronco lineup.

“The NHTSA’s recall report states that a broken steering gear ball nut retainer can cause balls in the ball nut assembly to displace and wedge,” says the NHTSA. “If this occurs, further steering wheel movement can exacerbate the situation, as the balls may not return to the return guides. This can lead to increased steering effort and the ball nut being unable to rotate.”

For those utilizing afflicted Broncos, hearing a scraping sound or a distinctive raising of steering effort are two indications to be aware of. Ford is presently cognizant of one guarantee claim in relation to this difficulty, but there have been no records of coinciding accidents or injuries.

Owners will be requested to bring their Bronco vehicles to a Ford or Lincoln dealership for the replacement of the steering gear, free of charge.

Since its launch, the Bronco has not been a renown symbol of dependability. Furthermore, beyond the steering wheel freeze problem that was shown here, the 2023 Bronco has also been recalled due to a weak transmission screw which could lead to the auto potentially going off course. The 2022 Bronco, in the meantime, has already procured six remembers.

The dependability and excellence issues of the Bronco extend to other Ford vehicles, resulting in the Blue Oval brand having thus far issued an alarming 65 recalls this year, surpassing all other auto companies. These recalls have impacted a staggering 8.6 million automobiles, a dramatic three million increase from 2021.

Late last year, Ford CEO Jim Farley acknowledged that the company had quality issues that would not be resolved quickly. “Until we fix quality, nothing else matters,” Farley stated. He was adamant that the brand had to address these issues before anything else could be done. Farley went on to explain that the company was working hard to improve their quality and that it was a priority for them. He also noted that they had already made progress in this area, but that there was still much work to be done. With Farley’s commitment to quality, Ford is sure to make significant strides in the near future.

Reportedly, Consumer Reports pulled its blessings from some of Ford’s most popular products, among which are the Bronco Sport and Mustang Mach-E, last year. Such a happening is certainly worrying. Still, as Ford continues to explore electrification, we hope it does not forget the basics that make for a good driving experience.

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