Ford Hybrids: Risk of Fire After Engine Failure

Ford Owner Recall Letters Start June 12

Ford Motor Company has issued a recall of approximately 120,000 of its hybrid vehicles on account of a malfunctioning motor that could give rise to a fire hazard. According to the recall notice, the problem models consist of the Escape Hybrid and Maverick, as well as the Lincoln Corsair Hybrid compact crossover.

Figures indicate that Ford’s involvement in the recall has affected 86,656 units of 2020-2022 Model Year Escapes; 35,501 units of 2022-2023 Model Year Mavericks; and 3,165 units of 2021-2023 Model Year Corsairs. The cause of this liability is linked to the company’s 2.5-liter Duratec iVCT Atkinson cycle Hybrid Electric Vehicle/Plug-in Hybrid Electric vehicle engine. This motor is suffering from a flawed block or oil pan, which if it fails can allow oil and/or fuel vapor to enter the vicinity of potential ignition sources, raising the risk of fires.

It is worth noting that the Ford Maverick is the only one of the cars on the list without a plug-in hybrid system available, and there are no current plans to make it so.

It was back in June 2022 when Ford green-lighted a field action to quell the danger of an engine bay fire on specified models. Subsequent to that, three notifications of these fires were made worldwide, which had supposedly already been subjected to a recall solution. After finding out that breaches in either the block or oil pan were causing underhood fires, a field action was duly sanctioned on May 19th 2023.

Among the indications that this problem is occurring include loud rumbles, a drop in engine power, and fumes. Ford advises owners to park safely and switch off the engine when any of these signs have been observed.

Ford will start dispatching notices to proprietors beginning June 12 and is anticipated to be concluded by June 16. Clients can anticipate the cure to be conceivable during the third quarter of 2020.

The previous model of the Lincoln Corsair, the MKC, has been called back due to a flawed battery monitoring system that may be flammable. Owners who are subject to this will get a memo beginning from June 26th, 2023.

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