Recall Issued for Ford F-150 Rollaway Issue

Max Trailer Package Owners: Essential F-150 Info.

Ford is renowned for its distinguished history, so it was unthinkable to welcome 2024 without another recall with regard to the F-150.

On the twenty-first of December in 2023, CarBuzz posted an article concerning Ford’s three consecutive years wherein they had issued more recalls than any other maker. The following day, Ford declared a 112,965 F-150s from 2021 to 2023 were being called back due to a possible breaking of the rear axle bolt. This extends their recall total up to fifty-five for the year involving approximately five point eight million vehicles. However, Ford should find some comfort this time as the most recent recall is nowhere near as grim as the potentially dangerous front brake malfunction with both the Fusion and MKZ.

Ford’s concluding recall for 2023 is not applicable to all versions of the F-150, but solely those automobiles equipped with the Trailer Tow Max Duty option and the extra hefty 9.75-inch axle.

According to the paperwork Ford filed with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the rear axle hub bolt may “fatigue and break,” resulting in damage to the axle hub splines. If your truck is one of the models affected and you notice a clicking or rattling sound emanating from the axle, it is important to take your vehicle to the nearest Ford dealership for an “interim repair.” If the splines are damaged, the friction is lost and this can lead to a loss of power going to the rear wheels, potentially causing the car to roll away even when it is in Park.

Ford is employing the term ‘interim’ since a more comprehensive solution to the problem is still in progress. Notifications sent to drivers will only be handed out at the conclusion of January, presumptively supplying Ford the chance to formulate an answer. Most likely, the automaker will consider repairs individually. If there are no indications that the 3/4 float axle design is damaged, a stronger hub bolt will probably be installed. Though, if there is any destruction to the axle hub splines, replacing the entire unit is much more plausible.

As much as we may jest about Ford’s numerous call-backs, the American auto manufacturer is incurring huge monetary losses due to their continual recalls. Fixing a rearview camera problem on 422,000 cars cost the business $270 million and caused disgruntlement amongst countless Ford Bronco, Explorer, as well as Transit clients across America. And that is only one of the 55 recollects noted in 2023.

Thankfully, Ford has an understanding of their rampant quality control problems, and the Chief Executive was candid enough to concede that it will take several years of hard work to get the business back on track.

The initial move was to introduce additional quality assurance inspections for the 2024 Super Duty collection, and we anticipate fewer callbacks this year on account of this.

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