Ford Powered Chevrolet Truck: Crazy Build

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A one-of-a-kind vintage Ford pickup has surfaced on Bring a Trailer, bearing the appearance of a military truck capable of accommodating civilian functions. Despite its unassuming look, the robust Ford hides a private secret – it is actually equipped with an undercarriage from their competitor, Chevrolet.

The one-of-a-kind pickup boasts the body of a 1960 Ford F600 – an oversized beast surpassing earlier models of Ford’s Super Duty – partnered with a 1979 Chevy K10 chassis. Bordering irrational, it even has a bed derived from another Ford, albeit the exact design went undisclosed. Even more astonishing is that the truck is painted Toyota Army Green, delivering a spectacular and harmonious commixture of parts difficult to ignore.

1960 F600 Bodied 1979 K10 Pickup Walk Around

Aside from the enthralling collaboration, the reheating truck comes with an artfully crafted front shov with a X-Bull electro winch and potection roll. The usefulness doesn’t draw to a halt there, as the back holds a coupling recipient and muck essentially – while the bed has a UWS head pains rack and pertinent box. Finishing off outside are beacons for the roof, double receiver antennas, and custom side actions.

The truck sits atop a 3-inch suspension lift, set with black Ultra Motorsports 18-inch wheels and encircled by Toyo Open Country M/T tyres, bestowing it with a towering posture.

Meanwhile, the interior of a classic car style keeps its timeless yet resilient charisma; green vinyl-upholstered and foldable benches are present. An entertainment system comprised of a TRR AM/FM/CD stereo and Uniden CB Radio will provide for both your audial and social needs. Moreover, there is a heating device and fabric-covered roll-up windows for convenience. Finally, on an ivory-colored panel with vintage chrome three-pronged steering wheel are bolted a 100 mph speedometer.

Beneath the body, there lies a 454ci big-block V8 from a 1981 Chevrolet RV. It is equipped with a Holley carburetor and four-into-one headers alongside a dual-exhaust system; however, there is no disclosure of the power specification. In stock condition, when provided with the aforementioned carburetor, the engine should develop 450 hp and 500 lb-ft from the plant. This build is controlled by a four-speed manual transmission connected to an NP205 dual-range transfer case, which transfers the power to the wheels.

This truck, although having a few dents and abrasions, is not perfect. The handbrake isn’t functioning properly and the chrome edges of the steering wheel are ruptured. Additionally, though the odometer shows 90,000 miles, the true mileage remains uncertain.

For those looking for something unique, this unprecedented Fordolet/Chevord truck could be the one for you. The auction will run for seven days without any minimum bid, and it currently stands at $9,200.

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