2025 Chevy Equinox Unveils Fresh Look and Revamped Interior Taking Cues from Silverado

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General Motors recently unveiled the 2025 edition of the Chevrolet Equinox, the latest version of the highly sought-after compact SUV that is currently the top-selling Chevrolet product. Second only to the Silverado 1500, the arrival of this newcomer bring along Chevy’s signature pickup-inspired design, a fresh trim level called “Activ,” and an updated interior equipped with advanced features, technology, and safety measures. As the most popular non-truck in the brand’s lineup, it was crucial for the Equinox to evolve enough to stay competitive with the Toyota RAV4, without losing its loyal fan base.

The previous Equinox displayed its older design. Dull and outmoded, it appears unremarkable when compared to the fresh model, heavily inspired by Chevrolet’s robust truck series. The striking front is ruled by a boxy grille enhanced with a subtle trim strip running along the front fascia. The popular split-headlight arrangement is in full swing, as LED daytime running lights stretch from the upper grille while a lower cluster houses the main headlights.

The Equinox presents itself as a luxurious model, boasting two-tone paint options that highlight its floating roofline and shark fin C-pillar. According to Chevy, the new Equinox is wider by 2.3 inches compared to its previous version, giving it a more robust appearance with its squared wheel arches. There are clear design elements shared with other modern Chevrolet vehicles, resulting in a strong familial resemblance. One might even mistake it for a smaller sibling of the recently released midsize Traverse SUV.

The overall look of the Equinox is heavily influenced by the selected trim option. There are three available choices: LT, RS, and Activ, with the latter being a fresh addition for this new model.

Catering to those with a sense of adventure, the Activ boasts a uniquely styled front fascia, rugged all-terrain tires, and the option for a striking white roof. Additionally, this trim level is equipped with 17-inch aluminum wheels and a luxurious Maple Sugar/Black interior featuring Evotex and microfiber upholstery. Notably, ‘Activ’ logos are delicately embroidered on the headrests as a distinctive touch. As for comfort and convenience, a heated steering wheel and front seats come standard, while options include ventilated/heated front seats and rear heated outboard seats among others.

The LT variant features either chrome or High Gloss Black grille options, while the RS boasts black-painted logos, badging, and mirrors. Its trim comes with a standard wide grille opening and a high-gloss exterior finish, but customers have the choice to add a sleek black roof. The Equinox RS also offers 20-inch alloy wheels for the first time, in addition to the standard 19-inch ones. Meanwhile, the LT model settles for 17-inch wheels.

In a decision made by Chevrolet, they have decided to keep the 1.5-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine from the previous Equinox model. This engine offers 175 horsepower and can be paired with either front-wheel or all-wheel drive. For those interested in an AWD option, the power is directed through an eight-speed automatic transmission rather than a CVT. This makes the AWD version a more appealing choice.

Furthermore, the AWD version of the Equinox impresses with an extra 19 lb-ft of torque, surpassing the FWD model’s 184 lb-ft with its strong 203 lb-ft. Adding to its capabilities, it also features a larger 15.9-gallon fuel tank compared to the FWD’s smaller 14.8-gallon tank.

The RS and Activ trims now offer customizable driving modes, including Normal and Snow options for models with Front-Wheel Drive. Those who choose All-Wheel Drive will also have access to an Off-Road mode. It’s important to mention that the Equinox AWD is capable of towing up to 1,500 lbs. However, its primary competitor, the Toyota RAV4, has a significantly higher maximum towing capacity of 3,500 lbs.

The upcoming 2025 Equinox tackles a crucial problem faced by compact SUVs – their antiquated interiors. Gone are the drab and outdated elements, as the fresh Equinox boasts a sophisticated front design reminiscent of the latest Tahoe and Suburban models.

The driver’s seat of the three-spoke steering wheel boasts an 11-inch digital display which can be tailored to suit the driver’s preferences. It is accompanied by an updated 11.3-inch infotainment screen, integrated with Google for easy management of media, directions, and additional features. According to Chevrolet, the screen is a substantial 30% bigger than the largest one featured in the previous Equinox model.

Chevrolet has made significant enhancements to the interior design of their vehicles, particularly in regards to space and storage. By pulling back the dashboard, they have effectively created a more spacious and breathable cabin. Additionally, the Equinox model has been updated with an electronic transmission selector located on the steering column, eliminating the need for a bulky mechanical linkage. As a result, there is now increased storage capacity in front of the center console.

This article discusses a highly functional compact SUV that boasts an impressive 63.5 ft3 of cargo capacity, made possible by the 60/40 split-folding rear seats. Moreover, there exists even more storage space in the discreet storage compartment located in the rear cargo floor.

Chevrolet has put in extensive effort to enhance the luxurious feel of the Equinox. The latest model showcases upgraded tactile materials and decorative inserts on the doors, instrument panels, and storage spaces, replacing the inferior plastics found in its predecessor. Additionally, a standard six-speaker sound system is included, with the option for wireless device charging available to buyers.

The Chevy Safety Assist is a key component of the vehicle’s features. It encompasses various driver aids such as forward collision assistance, automatic emergency braking, lane-keeping assistance, adaptive cruise control, and rear cross-traffic braking, among other useful functions.

Chevrolet has confirmed that their latest model will make its debut in 2024. More information and pricing for the release will be disclosed as the on-sale date approaches. It should be noted that the current Equinox is currently available for purchase at a range of $26,600 to $34,795.

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