Ford Recalls 222k F-150s for Wiper Arm Problems

Defective Part Detaches from Vehicle

Ford has just announced the recalling of 222,454 F-150 pickup trucks. The prominent auto manufacturer has indicated that there is a concern with the vehicles’ windshield wipers possibly cracking, thereby posing a safety risk.

The recall impacts distinct 2021 F-150 pickups manufactured from January 8, 2020, up to August 16, 2021. Though, some items fabricated after June 7, 2021, could be created with a wiper arm possessing the proper measurements.

Based on the findings of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, a worn device from the provider generated wiper arms that lacked enough spline tooth elevations. This could lead to stripping and reducing the performance or causing it to be unable to work. Signs of this problem involve slower or spasmodic wiper speeds. It might even lead to the detachment of the wiper arm from the automobile.

By the end of this month, Ford is going to issue notifications of possible concerns to its consumers. Those who possess an F-150 will be requested to take their vehicle to a designated service centre, where a mechanic can assess the date of manufacture for the wiper arm, and if needed, swap it out with no extra cost for the customer. The American automaker has noted a total of 576 grievances from customers concerning defective or detached wiper arms globally.

Recently, Ford has issued a new recall concerning the windshield wipers of its F-150 model. This comes just after November’s 500,000 pickup truck campaign, resulting from imperfections in the wiper motors impacting 2021 and 2022 vehicles. The COVID-19 pandemic caused a global shortage of essential computer chips, necessitating the use of another motor design across multiple car manufacturers.

In recent times, Ford has confronted severe troubles with respect to quality while reviving its selection of models, including electric vehicles. At the start of 2022, the popular automobile company held the undesirable distinction of having recorded the most recalls in the US, totaling an overwhelming 65 and affecting more than 8.6 million vehicles.

Ford’s 2023 is making a somewhat more favorable launch, yet, it is leading the year in terms of recalls with twelve. This puts it in the lead ahead of BMW, which has had nine. Through the initial three months of the year, Ford has summoned almost two million vehicles.

Source: Nation Highway Traffic Safety Administration

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