Ford Revamps In-Car Tech: Massive Upgrade from Current Systems

Enhanced Software for In-Car Gaming, Streaming and Updates – Versatile Features You Can’t Miss!

Ford and Lincoln have recently launched the brand-new Digital Experience, guaranteeing improved speed of operation that is five times faster compared to previous versions. This revamp also offers various other upgrades and enhancements.

According to the corporation, the latest program, similar to Volvo’s Android system, is the swiftest available, with a main processing speed more than five times that of previous models and graphic processing speed approximately 14 times faster. Apparently, the platform also prides itself on having four times the memory and eight times the storage capacity compared to existing Ford and Lincoln vehicles, including the popular Mustang Mach-E.

In order to address the increasing complexity and distraction of infotainment systems, Ford has implemented a new system that is designed to be user-friendly and straightforward. The display now features widgets on the right side, allowing for quicker access to helpful information such as entertainment options, weather updates, and fuel efficiency data.

The mechanism allows for individualization of driver profiles, encompassing a tailored screen and personalized adjustments of driving posture. The latter includes seat, steering wheel, and mirror placements.

Ford and Lincoln vehicles, using an Android-based platform, stand to gain advantageous tools such as Google Maps and Google Assistant. Additionally, drivers can enjoy the convenience of Amazon Alexa integration, providing hands-free control through voice commands. Those with Apple devices need not feel left out, as Apple CarPlay remains fully compatible with these models.

Various applications available for download on Google Play, such as Spotify, Amazon Music, Prime Video, and YouTube, enable travelers to enjoy their preferred media while on the move. Following the footsteps of companies like BMW, Ford has also been upgrading its in-car gaming technology, which can be accessed when the vehicle is stationary. This is particularly useful for charging electric vehicles at stations.

One of the numerous featured games that travelers can enjoy utilizing a Bluetooth-capable gamepad is Asphalt Nitro in a specialized edition only for Ford. And in case they become weary of it, an expanding catalog of games is readily accessible on Google Play.

The technology allows travelers to access the internet using either the Vivaldi Browser application or the upcoming release of Google Chrome. For individuals who are unable to utilize the entertainment screen, a Wi-Fi hotspot is accessible, enabling them to surf from their mobile devices in the rear seats.

Similar to modern infotainment systems, it also has the capability to be updated instantly through over-the-air (OTA) updates.

At present, the newly launched Ford and Lincoln Digital Experience is exclusively offered on the Lincoln Nautilus. Yet, the quicker and more intelligent program will soon encompass other models as well, bringing advantages to upcoming vehicles such as Ford’s electric truck currently codenamed ‘Project T3’.

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