FuelTech Honda Civic: 700+ HP Front-Wheel Drive

Mark Johnson’s 720 hp Civic EG6 Gets a Fresh Setup

Undeniably, the Honda Civic is one of the more attractive vehicles to emerge from Japan. Two years past, Honda revealed the new-age model and, merely this year, unveiled the Type R adaptation. Even though it is a sought-after sports car, the Civic Type R can only give up 316 hp at most. Regrettably, that isn’t enough for some aficionados, prompting them to explore the pre-owned Honda market, whereby better results are ascertained. Recently on FuelTech’s YouTube channel, a significantly altered Civic hatchback from numerous generations prior has been showcased, with an astounding 700 hp being delivered to its front wheels.

Honda Civic Hatchback makes 700+HP | Mark Johnson

Dressed up in an extravagantly designed racing livery, this Honda Civic is way more than just your average hatchback. This modified model actually began as an typical run-of-the-mill EG6 from the first years of VTEC engine availability alongside the 1.6L B16 powerplant providing a 125hp peak output.

Esteemed for its iconic hatchback figure and distinguishable headlamps, the Civic EG6 was a popular option among the more sporty drivers and modifiers. This being asserted as it was very easy to customize when striving to acquire competitive edges in motorsports. It is likely why Mark Johnson decided on a Honda Civic EG6 as the groundwork for his time attack hatchback. After performing different alterations regarding aerodynamics, mechanics and force, Mark succeeded in sculpting his ideal time attack car.

The drivetrain found in Mark’s Honda Civic EG6 draws its power from a B16 motor. Extensive upgrades and alterations have obviously been carried out on this motor, and it now produces between 700 and 900 horsepower. All of this can be attributed to both custom engine components and a turbocharging unit combined with FuelTech’s extensive engine control set up.

Specifically, Mark’s Civic EG6 uses the all-encompassing FuelTech FT600 engine control computer. This system couples an ECU, dashboard, data logging, and power monitoring capabilities in a single package. It grants full engine management, Drive-By-Wire Control, as well as improved Traction Control. Through this program, his boosted B16 motor achieved its peak performance potential.

The entire tune-up procedure was gruelling for the team, constantly working on Mark’s Honda Civic EG6 on the dynometer in order to gauge their progress and assure they were striving towards the desired goals. Eventually, the tuners were content with the setup, and the Civic EG6 registered 720 hp at the wheels, which implied that Mark’s Honda time attack car could be putting out more than 800 horsepower at the crank, accounting for drivetrain losses.

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