FZERO Hypercar Races Despite Rejection From F1 Team

Evil Roars of Track Monster

Recalling last year, the introduction of Rodin Cars’ V10 hypercar known as the FZERO that is based in New Zealand, testing has now been achieved! Allowing us to hear its extraordinary sound on the course. The clip just provides a sneak peek of it’s auditory excellence, certain there will be many more extraordinary sights and noises to come!

To be sure, this does not equate to just an Audi R8 Engine fastened to the frame of a race car that’s been recycled. As an awesome demonstration of craftsmanship, the motor itself is just 291 pounds heavy and yet produces an impressive 1,159 horsepower alongside 671 lb-ft of torque. Backed up with integrated twinturbochargers as well as a hybrid system, FZERO should influence incredible acceleration capacities; but the really thrilling component of the motor is its capability to rev up to 10,000 rpm.


As that weight amount indicates, Rodin was preoccupied with mass and measure. The motor was crafted with the precise objectives of being the lightest and most diminutive of its variety, and because of this meticulous delicacy, the engine cannot be expanded to 4.5 or 5.0 liters. It is only meant to do one thing: render the FZERO quick. How swiftly precisely has yet to be established, but power is routed to the rear wheels via a specially made eight-speed gearbox fabricated by the professionals at Ricardo. The gearbox measures in at just 146 lbs and features a titanium 3D-printed shell.

One of the prominent features is the conscience-inducing 14.9-inch PFC carbon-ceramic braking setup along with six-piston titanium calipers, which are benefited by the reviving imposition of the hybrid system. Moreover, specially drafted OZ Racing wheels manufactured under F1 specifications can bear up to 8,818 pounds of downforce, as stated by Rodin.

of downforceFor emphasis, a McLaren Senna only generates a maximum of 1,763 lbs. of downforce – effectively putting it in perspective.

The FZERO has the vibe of a fusion between Batman, a Kiwi and Speed Racer. It may not rival the rarity of Bruce Wayne’s one-of-a-kind ride, however there will be only 27 units constructed. As for cost, an estimation remains to be seen, but it could be exorbitant given its ability to produce downforce.

We are understandably delighted by the potential of this development, who could give the Pagani Huayra R a run for its money – however we simultaneously lament the fact that Rodin Cars had their application to Formula 1 thwarted. Every other team, including Andretti-Cadillac, who recently gained approval, presented an attractive bid but it was still rejected by the respective decision-makers in F1.

One can only hope that Rodin will make its way to the roster at some point in the future. In the meantime though – it continues to captivate us with some other incredibly powerful machines on the competition track.

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