Gathering Ferrari’s Rare XX Models: A Showcase of Performance and Luxury.

From FXX to SF90: The Evolution of a Road-Ready Supercar in 20 Years

Ferrari has various levels of exclusivity for its vehicles. It is not as simple as walking into a dealership and leaving with the newest limited-production model; one must be approved in order to purchase the rare, high-priced XX models. This is a common practice for the supercar manufacturer’s special editions that have low production numbers.

Top Gear magazine was granted the opportunity to embark on a journey through the most elite Ferraris available. This initiative was initiated in 2005 with the release of the FXX, a variant of the Enzo created solely for the track. The FXX Evoluzione made its debut in 2008, followed by the front-engined 599X which joined the collection a few years after. In 2014, the FXX-K, a more intense version of the LaFerrari, was introduced and in 2017, it also received the Evoluzione upgrade.

SF90 XX, FXX-K, FXX, 599XX: Explore Ferrari's XX Secret Stash

Ferrari has recently announced a significant change to their XX program, which previously boasted exclusivity with only 116 cars ever produced. However, the Italian luxury car manufacturer is now set to produce a much larger number of the SF90 XX Stradale, with a total of 1,398 units planned for production. This will include 799 coupes and 599 spiders.What’s more, these new XX Stradale models will not be limited to the track, as the name suggests. In fact, owners will have the freedom to drive them on public roads. Although they may not be eligible for participation in special events reserved for XX owners, all 1,398 vehicles have already been sold.

The XX automobiles were housed alongside the victorious 499P at Le Mans, a Ferrari vehicle being revamped into the luxurious 499P Modificata. This unbridled edition of the race car does not need to adhere to FIA guidelines. It boasts the tiniest engine out of all the XX variations, each equipped with either a naturally aspirated V12 or a twin-turbo V8.

The latest model of the track car incorporates a hybrid powertrain, featuring a twin-turbo 2.9-liter V6 engine shared with the 296 GT3. With this setup, the car is able to produce an impressive 858 horsepower when the “push to pass” system is activated. However, without this feature, the combined output remains at 697 horsepower. This additional burst of power is limited to a duration of seven seconds and can be utilized at any speed. In contrast, the electric motor on the race car is not engaged until the car reaches a speed of 118 mph.

The 499P Modificata stands as the priciest option among its counterparts, with Ferrari setting a hefty price tag of €5.1 million ($5.6M). This top-of-the-line model is exclusively for track use and forms part of the Sport Prototipi Clienti program offered by the company’s Corse Clienti division, specifically catered towards owners of XX and Formula 1 vehicles. The lucky individuals who own the 499P Modificata will have the privilege of driving their prized possession at various locations in the year 2024. These include Mugello in Italy, Sonoma and Laguna Seca in the United States, Balaton in Hungary, Suzuka in Japan, Le Castellet in France, and the iconic Nürburgring in Germany.

Source: Top Gear / YouTube

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