Gazoo Racing and JDM Tuner Elevate Toyota GR Corolla and Yaris Models

Strikingly Similar: The Stunning Styles of These Cars

Gazoo Racing, Toyota’s renowned performance division, and Grow Design, the brainchild of racing driver Masahiro Sasaki, have recently showcased impressive iterations of the updated GR Yaris and GR Corolla models at the 2024 Tokyo Auto Salon. Known for its sleek and elegant designs, Grow Design’s founder has incorporated elements from their racing background into the modifications for both vehicles (GR Yaris RR X Grow concept and GR Corolla x Grow Design), resulting in visually striking enhancements that do not come off as overly flamboyant.

To start with, let’s talk about the GR Yaris RR X Grow. This model boasts a fresh vented hood, updated side skirts, and a newly designed rear diffuser featuring blue-tinted exhaust tips. Its aggressive appearance is further enhanced by a menacing rear wing and customized alloy wheels.

It seems that the vehicle sits lower than a regular model, possibly equipped with upgraded coilovers or springs to enhance performance and appearance – a great starting point for modifications.

The GR Corolla X Expand model is a larger version of the concept, featuring updated elements such as a fresh front lip, an enhanced diffuser, a modified exhaust system, and extended side skirts. However, its wing stands out with a unique design that closely resembles those seen on rally cars, making it a definite showstopper. The vehicle also boasts a slightly wider body and is equipped with striking wheels – one side adorned with copper-gold alloys and the other with sleek black alloys.

Gazoo Racing and Grow have yet to verify if these enhancements will become available for purchase, though there seems to be no logical explanation for them not to. The updated GR Yaris will offer officially sanctioned components that will be offered in Toyota dealerships, except for those in the US. These parts consist of a carbon fiber hood and rear wing, as well as shock absorbers designed for use on the track. Additionally, a dual-mass flywheel with reduced inertia and a mechanical limited-slip differential will be included in the eight-speed automatic option. These specific items will only be accessible in Japan.

In the United States, the available version of the GR Yaris remains its larger counterpart. As we anticipate the introduction of more advanced modification options for the GR Corolla in the country, our only option is to install updated components, such as the new aero tape found on the 2024 model.

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