Introducing the GR Yaris: Toyota’s Latest Model with a Fun Donut Mode Feature

Introducing the Limited Edition GR Yaris: Donut and Morizo Modes Included!

Exactly one year after their debut at the 2023 Tokyo Auto Salon, Toyota has officially announced the release of two GR Yaris “concepts” – the GR Yaris RZ Kalle Rovanpera and Sebastien Ogier Editions. These special editions were designed with unique appearance packages and custom drive modes that pay tribute to the WRC drivers they are named after. When they were first unveiled, Toyota promised that these concepts would eventually be available for purchase. And now, that time has finally arrived.

Since its debut a year ago, the GR Yaris has undergone a significant redesign. The new models have a slightly different appearance, but the core features remain unchanged. Ogier’s car now sports a sleek Matte Stealth Gray finish, which perfectly complements the striking 18-inch BBS wheels and bold blue brake calipers. A rally spoiler, crafted from carbon fiber reinforced plastic, adds an extra touch of sportiness to the hatch, while decals celebrating Ogier’s success in the World Rally Championship and France, his home country, can be found throughout the exterior.In contrast, Rovanpera’s car boasts a brighter color scheme, featuring his signature three-tone racing livery adorned with special logos and WRC achievements. The rear wing on Rovanpera’s car is identical to that of the high-performance GRMN Yaris.

Upon entering, both vehicles boast distinctive emblems and contrasting stitching exclusive to their respective editions. In addition, you’ll come across one-of-a-kind full TFT gauge displays that exhibit individualized drive modes for each car. However, these modes vastly differ from the typical gravel and track settings typically found on a regular GR Yaris.

Toyota has recently introduced the Ogier Edition with an added feature called Morzio Mode. According to Toyota, this mode utilizes “restraint (direct connection) maximally applied to the front and rear wheels during acceleration and relaxed only as necessary during braking.” In addition, the Ogier Edition also comes with SEB Mode, named after Ogier himself, which is specifically designed to distribute more power to the rear wheels rather than the front.

In regards to the vibrant Rovanpera Edition, it acquires a vividly titled Donut Mode that guarantees “slide control during drifting.” This appears to be a drift mode in our opinion. Additionally, there’s the KALLE Mode, which integrates a distinct rear differential for “aggressively swinging out the vehicle’s rear when entering a curve and pulling forward the vehicle’s front using the accelerator.” This also resembles a drift mode to us, but with a greater emphasis on achieving extreme sideways movement.

Clearly, these exclusive versions will not make their way to the United States, as the GR Yaris is not available for purchase here. Toyota plans to produce a limited quantity of 200 cars – 100 for each edition – and the only chance to own one will be through a lottery system launching in the spring. As a result, the likelihood of encountering these vehicles anywhere will be extremely low. If you happen to win the lottery, you will not only receive the coveted car, but also have the opportunity to meet the drivers and enjoy some VIP privileges. Although the price has not been revealed, it is expected that these models will come at a higher cost than the regular GR Yaris.

Source: Toyota

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