GV70 Genesis Ready for Off-Road Adventure

Exploring Unprecedented Genesis Horizons

Since its first introduction, the Genesis GV70 has been one of the most sumptuous offerings from Hyundai Motor Group. Despite development of a face-lifted version already underway, this automobile is anything but antiquated. Prior to the introduction of the remodeled model, Genesis is making a bold foray into the off-road sector with the debuting of an overlanding GV70 manufactured in collaboration with Delta specialists in off-roading. For the present, however, it is only a concept.

To fete Delta’s 40th anniversary, the GV70 Project Overland was designed as a prototype that multiplies the potential of the luxury crossover, while sidestepping extensive framework alterations. As a result, an elevation of almost two inches is achieved courtesy of suspension enhancement, in addition to a broadened position, created by the integration of 18-inch Classic B Rugged black wheels fitted with Continental ATR tires, which can be observed beneath the extended wheel arches.

To amplify the off-lane aesthetic, some PIAA lamps have been fitted onto the roof as well as having a selection of Baja-Style bulbs incorporated into the front panel. For those who rank taking their necessary items on their expedition highly, they can benefit from a customized roofrack that offers secure attachment points.

Geared towards adrenaline-seekers and observers as well, all are encouraged to witness the GV70 Overland Project in person at the Essen Motor Show in Germany running between December 1st and 10th. Especially, the concept will be exhibited at the Continental stall.

Regarding the recently revised GV70, we anticipate the crossover being spruced up with a fresher front end featuring contemporary headlights inspired by the G90 and an overhauled radiator grille for petrol versions. Additional aesthetic alterations are likely, and there could also be developments within the interior. The sizeable and high-end GV80 has purportedly been granted a gigantesque 27-inch bendable OLED screen; it will be interesting to observe if the downsized model will additionally be renovated with a different dashboard design.

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