Get Your Hands on the Cool Renault 5 Merch, Including a Retro Cassette Player!

Includes slot car track and foosball table for added entertainment.

There is much more to the stylish Renault 5 than just its convenient baguette holder and unique lipstick-shaped gear shifter. The renowned French brand is truly going above and beyond to make the R5’s comeback even more intriguing, with a new online store offering a plethora of branded products that are undeniably cool.The chic Renault 5 has so much more to offer beyond its handy baguette holder and unconventional lipstick-shaped gear shifter. The esteemed French company is taking extra measures to make the reemergence of the R5 even more captivating by launching an expansive online shop filled with trendy merchandise, some of which is absolutely stunning.

The product that first grabbed our interest was the cassette player, which became incredibly popular during the release of the previous model of the Renault 5. Constructed with aluminum and equipped with headphone and microphone ports, the Player5 Portable Cassette Player features Bluetooth capability and a play/record option. The rechargeable battery has a lifespan of up to 10 hours, and Renault includes a blank 60-minute cassette with the purchase. They even throw in a pencil for rewinding the tape, which may only make sense for those who remember using cassettes. This all comes at a price of €180, equivalent to approximately $195 based on current exchange rates.

A fantastic slot car race track, spanning nearly 150 inches in length, is also available for purchase. Complete with accompanying 1:43 scale replicas of the pre-production 2021 Renault 5 prototype and the innovative Turbo 3E concept, this package boasts functional headlights and a turbo feature controlled by a designated button on the controllers. The price for this bundle is €115 ($125).

“One intriguing item we came across is a helmet priced at €200 ($217) which features a built-in brake light and turn signals. On the other hand, you have the option to purchase a set of three stainless steel balls for €110 ($119) in order to participate in a game of pétanque. According to Wikipedia:

Aside from various miscellaneous items like beanies, sweaters, socks, skateboards, pencils, pedal cars, and scale models in different sizes, there are also some expensive must-haves. For instance, you can splurge a cool €2,700 ($2,930) on a high-quality bicycle or €3,000 ($3,250)on a top-of-the-line surfboard. Dig even deeper into your wallet for a luxurious foosball table with a jaw-dropping price of €4,200 ($4,500). This lavish piece is produced by the renowned French company Bonzini and weighs a hefty 176 pounds (80 kilograms).

Regarding the vehicle itself, Renault has announced that the revived 5 will have an initial price of approximately €25,000 ($27,000). A pricier version of the high-performance hatchback will also be released later this year, with Alpine unveiling the A290.

Source: Renault

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