Glowing Over Our ’66 Wildcat Restomod Render

Buick Muscle Car’s Dark Makeover: Dropping Fenders and Hood.

The limited-lived Buick Wildcat was a muscle car designed to provide a sporty experience during the 60s. Its selection of V8 engines could reach up to an impressive 7.5 liters. Our render for the classic vehicle bears its namesake across its rear fenders — it’s an apt depiction of its powerful nature. This drag race vehicle has undergone an extensive transformation, leaving almost nothing of its original form. A broad body construction leads from the back to the front, stopping just before the A-pillar. Above all however, the dramatic changes made to the frame are most visible at the forefront, where socioeconomic determination is revealed. It ends with open-wheel futurism and integrated LED headlamps in the slightest housings. Take a look at our 3D-immersive video to admire the dynamic reworking of this vintage model.

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