GM’s EVs to Skip Apple CarPlay/Android Auto

Partnering with Google for Advanced Model Software

You will discover Apple CarPlay and Android Auto essentially in every single modern automobile sold presently. Usually, these functions are regular components, however that will shift for electrical vehicles from General Motors. From now on, the desirable features are fully discarded in preference of the producer’s proprietary Ultifi software system.

It will require some time for the transition to be completed. A recent assertion from GM affirms that both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility will still stay in existent for their combustion-engined vehicles, as well as those that are already purchasable in electric form. The Chevy Silverado EV of 2024 is guaranteed to sport the mentioned attributes. However, the Blazer EV to follow its footsteps later this year will not share this fortune. This marks the initiating of GM’s adoption of an integrated software system that carries on with the Chevy Equinox EV, GMC Sierra EV, along with the Cadillac Celestiq.

GM believes that forthcoming high-tech driver-assist systems and intricate vehicle screens can be implemented more thoroughly through proprietary software instead of a phone crossover. Examples comprise more pioneering navigation traits that can trace Super Cruise and Ultra Cruise-compatible tracks, or recognize recharging stations. In addition, GM claims its in-house system will be readably updatable to provide fresh offerings both from the car maker and outside vendors.

“As we ramp up production of our electric vehicles and roll out our Ultifi software platform,” said GM Chief Digital Officer Edward Kummer, “we are now able to do more than ever before with in-vehicle technologies and over-the-air updates. This capability enables us to continuously enhance the customer experience we deliver across our brands.”

As referred to, the removal of Apple and Android is only applicable to electric vehicles presently. We inquired if this implies that charging and combustion automobiles will possess disparate driver-assist systems, since it looks like that’s what is factors in this conclusion. A mouthpiece for GM declared to that there won’t be any contrast with respect to the capability of Super Cruise or Ultra Cruise between these two categories in the time to come.

It’s impossible to overlook the potential of subscription services playing a role in this plan. GM did not provide any further information on this but Reuters quoted Kummer as saying, “we do believe there are subscription revenue opportunities for us.” The press release for the Blazer EV states that it will have “standard connectivity” for the new system and it will give access to Google Maps and Google Assistant “at no additional cost” for eight years.

Although Apple and Android capacities will disappear, GM has been making it clear that hands-free calling, messaging, and music through the use of wireless Bluetooth connectivity will remain operational.

Source: General Motors

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