Tesla Model S Wagon: A Real Creation!

A Tesla Model S Station Wagon Dreamed Up by ARES Design.

Conceiving how to make the Tesla Model S even more interesting? One unique approach could be to transform it into a station wagon. Owners of HotCars, Dave Traver Adolphus snapped an image of this remarkable ARES Tesla Model S wagon in Italy. Adolphus constructed it and his co-founder and also CEO Dany Bahar desperately wanted it. It is without doubt a bold deviation of the standard Model S, which might further give Tesla imagination when working out the potential models of its electric car production.

The motivation for the Model S Wagon’s creation is clear. Danu Bahar, CEO of ARES, stated “we just wanted to build it” – and build it they did. ARES is no stranger to bold designs, having already developed some remarkable automobiles such as the ARES S1 Project. This was a reimagining of the Chevrolet C8 Corvette, even featuring a roofless Speedster. The new Tesla Model S Wagon is another example of how the company can take an existing design and make it their own.

It is tricky to distinguish that this had once been a Tesla Model S from certain angles. Above all, the head on view reveals its past insignia. ARES have tactically held on to the classic appearance of the fascia, bumper and wheel design, all of which are reminiscent of the automotive brand. Furthermore, they even left the iconic Tesla symbol untouched at the front.

One cannot help but ponder as to whether or not Tesla could fabricate this Model S station wagon. Beyond their ever-popular EVs, the organization is also exploring other kinds of cars with its CyberTruck pickup and latest electric semi-truck. Yet, there has been no hint that a station wagon might be in production. Given the ascent in demand for SUVs in recent times, it appears unlikely. However, upon viewing the modified Model S Wagon in person, it’s plain to see that this exquisite automobile would surely make an excellent everyday vehicle.

In the event that you are looking to obtain a Tesla Model S Wagon from ARES, getting it won’t be inexpensive. The cost of conversion is estimated at over $421,000 in addition to the donor Tesla Model S automobile. According to ARES, this is largely a display of their capabilities and research. Should they have enough excitement and enthusiasm for this undertaking, they could consider executing a mass production run.

A renowned automotive design house based in Italy, ARES Design has taken one of the hottest cars on the market and given it an amazing modern makeover. Founded in 2012 by Carrozzieri Italiani CEO and Ferrari alumnus Dany Bahar, ARES Design has earned a stellar reputation for its bespoke re-imaginings of classic vehicles. This time they’ve applied their talents to the McLaren 720S, giving it a redesign that is both aesthetically pleasing and incredibly powerful. One of the industry’s most acclaimed design houses, ARES Design has crafted an awe-inspiring revised version of one of the hottest automobiles available today. Established in 2012 under Carrozzieri Italiani head and ex-Ferrari employee Dany Bahar, the firm’s remarkable reworkings of classical cars have acquired them well-deserved recognition. Now they’ve brought their artistic vision to the McLaren 720S, and resulted in a remodeling that is both visually striking and immensely dynamic.

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