Gorgeous Rose Gold Rolls-Royce Pearl Cullinan

Son’s Surprising Gift to Father

An esteemed customer in Dubai recently requested a bespoke Rolls-Royce vehicle, called the “Pearl Cullinan”. This automobile is absolutely unique in its one-of-a-kind make and is the first such project undertaken by the Private Office Dubai. It was commissioned back in 2022 by a faithful Rolls-Royce patron who wanted to bestow this extraordinary gift on his dad on the occasion of his ninetieth birthday. The lead designer and regional director involved in this endeavor devoted many meetings to obtain insights into the celebrant’s life history.

The rendezvous led to the fabrication of The Pearl Cullinan, which flaunts an exquisite shadiness famously known as Pearl Rose. This hue was crafted by taking inspiration from their owner’s prized pearl in their treasured stockpile and will not be provided to any further Rolls-Royce customers. This distinctive paint job uses metallic and iridescent features coupled with mastermindfully chosen colorants to offer a soft additive of pink. Rolls-Royce has made it known that to reach maturity for this shade, 30 attempts were needed each of which necessitated a large body panel and many verifications beneath daylight simulation lamps to make sure the luster under Middle Eastern sunlight looked utterly awe-inspiring. Albeit, not as singular as that of the Amethyst Droptail, the accomplishment of the gorgeous Pearl Rose is still unparalleled.

In addition to the remarkable exterior appearance, The Pearl Cullinan has a Rose Gold coachline and its hood ornament is provided with a Rose Gold-coated Spirit of Ecstasy. In addition, this Cullinan has Bespoke Rose Gold kickplates adorning it. Inside, the car includes some special features presented in honor of the proprietor’s father: the front seats were upholstered in Cashmere Grey, as it happens to be his preferred color while embarking as a passenger in the front seat instead of the rear.

The interior of this luxury car was designed with a very special theme in mind. The back seats are upholstered in Ardent Red leather, a colour that is traditionally used to present pearls to customers. The burr walnut veneer in the cabin is also reminiscent of the boxes that pearls are delivered in. For a personal touch, Rose Gold ‘RR’ monograms have been added to the seats, as well as a mother-of-pearl inlay on the dash, a mother-of-pearl clock surround with a Rose Gold dial and hands, a mother-of-pearl infotainment dial, and the Arabic word for “father” inlaid in stainless steel. The Bespoke Starlight Headliner even shows the star pattern on the day the client’s father was born 90 years ago.

Though the father usually rides upfront, passengers in the back seat are bestowed with particular invented picnic tables. These tables, often adorned with wooden or carbon fiber finishes, The Pearl Cullinan offers another exclusive choice; 1,351 individual pieces of mother-of-pearl, interlinked into an Arab rotund form. Every piece is individually crafted then placed around burr walnut sheets before being sealed with a protective lacquer coating.

“The use of mother-of-pearl by our clients was an exciting creative and technical challenge for us,” said Michelle Lusby, Bespoke Lead Designer at the Private Office Dubai. “It was amazing to watch the Picnic Tables progress from my digital designs to the exquisite, intricately crafted final pieces. This project is truly special in many ways and it is something that all of us here at Rolls-Royce aspire to achieve. Our designs are driven by emotion.”

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