4 Custom Rolls-Royce Designs Celebrate ‘Year Of The Dragon’

Lunar New Year Celebrations Kick Off with Car Displays on the 10th

Rolls-Royce has recently unveiled four unique “Year of the Dragon” projects created by their Bespoke division, all of which pay tribute to Chinese traditions in honor of the upcoming Lunar New Year on February 10th. The collection consists of three Phantom Extended long-wheelbase vehicles and one Cullinan SUV, with one of the Phantoms featuring the first-ever Bespoke Starlight Headliner showcasing a magnificent dragon design.

Many of these vehicles proudly display a hand-painted coachline in Phoenix Red, featuring a subtle yet striking dragon design adorning the front fenders. The dragons all face towards the right, symbolizing a nod to tradition and the eastern direction of the sun’s daily emergence.

Rolls-Royce | The Voice of the Maker: The Year of the Dragon hand-painted Fascia

Enhancing the highlighting features are custom-made color schemes for the exterior. The Cullinan boasts a dual-toned Cherry Red with a glossy Crystal coat on top of Selby Grey with Crystal accents, while options for the Phantom include a two-tone Silver and Cherry Red or a sleek Monolithic Black with a Crystal finish.

Rolls-Royce has not disclosed specific details about these types of cars. However, the luxury experts at Goodwood did disclose that three out of the four commissions feature fascia panels adorned with “highly contemporary artworks reinterpreting the dragon form.” As is customary, these panels were meticulously hand-painted by a single Rolls-Royce artist. It took more than two weeks to complete each panel, and each one showcases a distinct interpretation of the color red.

These images only reveal one of the cars in question. It appears that the buyers who commissioned these vehicles have requested a high level of confidentiality, as even the cars themselves are not shown in great detail. However, we can deduce that the headrests in each car sport the dragon design in Phoenix Red, regardless of whether the leather is black or white. Considering the car’s intricately designed “Gallery” on the dashboard, which boasts four layers of paint to achieve a unique 3D effect, the stitches on the seats are meticulously aligned to give the illusion of movement. Each embroidered piece consists of approximately 5,449 stitches, and it took approximately 20 hours to complete this process.

Additionally, three of the cars also boast a set of backseat foldable tables with a sleek Piano Black design. These tables showcase a simplified representation of the Chinese zodiac calendar crafted in stainless steel and adorned with Chinese calligraphy and a golden dragon.

The fourth vehicle received a customized masterpiece featuring a stainless dragon inlaid in a plain Piano Black exterior. However, it was one particular vehicle that truly stood out with its unique Bespoke Starlight Headliner. Unfortunately, we are not permitted to view the actual piece, so a sketch will have to suffice. According to Rolls-Royce, it took a total of three months for the design and development process to be completed, with a staggering 677 fiber-optic stars meticulously placed to form the shape of the dragon and an additional 667 stars surrounding it.

According to reports, the Rolls-Royce Private Office Shanghai will be receiving a special motor car with a one-of-a-kind Bespoke Starlight Headliner. This unique design incorporates red “stars,” which is a modern and daring nod to the significance of red in Chinese tradition. It is possible that this design could be inspired by the Chinese flag itself.

At long last, Goodwood unveils that every Gallery piece is fabricated using carbon fiber and safeguarded by a single, uninterrupted pane of pure glass. Additionally, the plush carpets are customized to perfectly match either the black or white leather material.

The cost of each one must have been substantial, but it would hardly compare to the renowned Rolls-Royce classics.

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