Gotham Garage’s Masterpiece: Speed Racer Mach 5

Gotham Garage’s Handcrafted Classic Corvette Racer

One of the more uncommon makeovers by Gotham Garage introduces us to this amazing vintage car. Made as a special design solely from the esteemed facility, the one-off automobile stands apart with its Plymouth XNR copy convertible.

Built upon the 1967 ‘Speed Racer’ animated series, this classic follows the tale of Speed Racer as he navigates the roads in his beloved Mach 5.

This Looney Tunes-esque contraption is a genuine, custom car presently in the ownership of The Petersen Automotive Museum. They’ve released an innovative YouTube clip featuring it and their other exhibits. Check it out to learn more about this Mach 5 and how it was able to gain the upper hand over its racing rivals on that beloved animated show.


Analogous to the dazzling Plymouth XNR copy from Gotham Garage, the Mach 5 is an artfully crafted classic motorcar, built through cutting-edge technology yet fitted with laboriously produced exterior sheets.

This two-seater open-top roadster is painted white, with its interior stylishly designed with a vibrant red leather finish reminiscent of vintage Japanese shows from the 60s. The telephone-dial wheels and small tail-fins offer a nod to classical models, while the eye-catching front end is distinct and unforgettable. No retractable saw blades, but there are buttons in the cabin to activate the car’s defensive weapons.

In terms of protection, the show’s car boasted a bulletproof windshield, homing missiles, and a set of jump jets. Even without any armaments, this car looks intimidating; its low roof, single back-turned-looking side mirror, and razor-sharp nose all accentuate the vehicle’s sleek design.

No reference is made to the engine, but the Mach 5 can certainly be assumed to have a notable powertrain. Seeing as it was derived from the C4 Chevrolet Corvette, we suppose it incorporates a similar version of the “Vette’s” 5.7L V8.

The motor is tucked away in the back, with a transaxle, rear-wheel drive arrangement. Optimising the balance and skeleton arrangement for this construction using lightweight fiberglass materials could create an effective, high-performance sports vehicle.

In the cabin of the Petersen, Patrick remarks that the seating position is quite uncomfortable with minimal headroom for fully-grown individuals – explaining he would find it quite a challenge to actually sit behind the wheel.

Gotham Garage created an unbelievable recreation of the Mach 5 classic motor vehicle, generally making it invaluable. This remarkable recreation now commands the attention of everyone visiting the Petersen.

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