Baby BMW Racer Gets Fresh Look with Oversized Grille

Modern 4G Bimmer: A Blend of 4 Series, XM and M3/M4 Models

Tracing back through the fanatics of automobiles, it’s likely that one could encounter a nostalgic model car from an individual’s youth. BMW is clearly conscious of this and conscious of how these toys can make lasting impressions. Introducing the fresh and unique BMW Baby Racer ride-on vehicle meant exclusively for small drivers. Its striking design ensures that there will be no mistaking it for any other type of car.

This is the fourth iteration of Baby Racer, and it’s as straightforward as one can get with a quadricycle. Precisely tailored to 1-3 year olds, there are no electric engines or pedals for forward movement; just your child’s legs (and possibly gravity if they face a minor incline). With a modified 3-spoke wheel for leveraging the front tires, and fitted with Mother Nature-friendly rubber tires made from reused materials, this buggy also boasts a functional horn button allowing the driver to blissfully let their presence be known!

The visual nature of the BMW Baby Racer has been modeled after some of the brand’s latest models showcasing its iconic kidney grille, namely the 4 Series, iX and the M3/M4. It is evident that the 4 Series is the most noteworthy influence with its thin headlights and notched taillights. Although there is no confirmation, previous versions of this model were equipped with active bulbs, yet this recent release appears not to have any indicators. If such an occurrence provides amusement, feel free to leave comments below.

BMW has just released their latest model, the Baby Racer, and it’s available in three colors: white, blue, and black. Each one is outfitted with a padded, ergonomic seat, complete with emblazoned contrasting colors – orange and black, pink and white, or black on blue. Should something happen to your Ride, such as a crash or mechanical issue, BMW has made spare parts conveniently accessible through approved sellers.

The monetary cost of the newly presented Baby Racer begins from $149.95. It is already possible to secure them in advance, with availability becoming obtainable on the 5th of July.

Source: BMW

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