Plymouth XNR: Perfect Classic Muscle Car from Gotham Garage

Rebuilding a Classic: The XNR Story

The cast of Car Masters: Rust To Riches as well as acclaimed car expert Constance Nunes invigorated an exceptional Plymouth XNR, a simulacrum of an actual exclusive concept automobile.

This video, from the Petersen Automotive Museum’s YouTube page, showcases the XNR. It gives insight as to its history and reveals some of its design secrets. Taking care of the XNR is now the responsibility of the museum.

Gotham Garage exerted every effort to construct this vintage car imitation, which appears precisely equal to the authentic. It’s a reflection of the kind of craftsmanship Plymouthgenerated while before muscle cars were even launched onto the market.


It was devised to demonstrate the engineering and design excellence of the Plymouth brand, as Patrick explains in the video footage, with the inspiration red classic muscle car glistening in dazzling splendor.

The Plymouth XNR was a single-concept model, the brainchild of Virgil Exner (the source of its namesake) and the esteemed Ghia design house. As a member of the Plymouth brand, this vehicle was outfitted with a 2.8-litre, fuel-injected, normally aspirated, in-line six cylinder engine which delivered 250 hp of power.

Thanks to the work of Gotham Garage (from Car Masters: Rust To Riches), there now exist two Plymouth XNRs in the globe – one being the classic car that was sent to Canada in 2011 for recovery, and it was auctioned a year afterward for an astounding $935,000.

The meticulous reproduction demanded a thorough and meticulous exploration of the original vehicle, utilizing only the original components to assemble the final product. The panels were handcrafted and the exact motor was included.

As is evident in the video, the XNR carries an asymmetric model to its design– one of its chief distinctive traits– resembling somewhat the concept of the Jaguar D-Type with its mid-deck fin and open-air cabin.

However, the XNR speaks to its angular design and prominent aesthetic, which is a hint of Plymouth’s GTX’s aluminum-housed curved snout. The cast members of Car Masters: Rust To Riches did an incredible job in preserving the car’s classic charm, especially when it comes to its interior fittings, for they were all excellently chosen according to its era.

This imitation is now situated within the Petersen vaults among a plethora of other renowned vehicular symbols, steadfastly managing to captivate and charm those passing by.


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