GR Corolla Gets Lexus Makeover as Morizo RR Concept LBX

Potential Production Worthy Addition for Lexus

If you desire the capabilities of a GR Yaris or GR Corolla in a more luxurious package, allow us to introduce you to the Lexus LBX Morizo RR Concept.

Derived from the initial LBX crossover model introduced in the previous year, the Morizo RR Concept boasts the identical 1.6-liter G16E-GTS engine. With the added boost of a turbocharger, this three-cylinder powerhouse delivers an impressive output of 300 horsepower and 295 lb-ft of torque. These numbers are on par with the GR Corolla Morizo Edition, solidifying this compact crossover’s reputation as a mighty force to be reckoned with. In contrast to the sporty hatchback, the Lexus variant distributes power to all four wheels through an eight-speed automatic transmission (borrowed from the updated GR Yaris). As a reminder, the standard LBX only generates a modest 134 horsepower.

Lexus collaborated closely with Chairman Akio Toyoda, also known as Morizo, to develop the Morizo RR Concept. The objective of this project was to combine high-speed performance with the luxury and refinement that Lexus is known for.

When we compare the Morizo RR Concept to the stock LBX, noticeable changes can be seen. Its front bumper and grille have been revamped, featuring striking yellow accents. Additionally, the fender arches have been color-matched to the stylish Sonic Chrome paint finish. This gives the vehicle a sportier appearance, resembling a raised hot hatch rather than a conventional crossover.

In its quest for a more menacing appearance, Lexus has opted for a sleek, black coating on the door trim and window surrounds. To further enhance the aesthetic, a freshly designed rear bumper with dual exhaust outlets and vents adds a unique touch to the facade. In fact, we dare say that this is one of the most visually appealing Lexus crossovers to come out in recent times.

Additional features include 19-inch rims, which provide a clear view of the striking yellow brake calipers. The wheels themselves are coated in a sleek grey finish and are equipped with high-performance 235/45 tires. As for the braking system, impressive stopping power is achieved through the use of 18-inch ventilated discs at the front and 16-inch discs at the rear.

Regrettably, pictures of the Ochre-hued interior have not been released by Lexus. However, the automaker has disclosed that some discreet updates have been made. These changes encompass aluminum pedals, sporty seats, and yellow seatbelts adorned with the distinct Morizo RR insignia. Additionally, the name can be spotted on the left-hand side of the tailgate.

The status of the Morizo RR being put into production by Lexus remains unknown, but it may be a promising addition for the luxury car brand. A small yet high-performing car, particularly with the impressive G16E-GTS engine, could greatly enhance Lexus’ image and potentially draw in a new generation of buyers to their showrooms.

Despite being potentially built, the likelihood of its presence in America remains slim as the original LBX was specifically developed for the European market. However, there may be potential for Lexus to equip the UX with a turbocharged three-cylinder engine. This is something we would greatly welcome and eagerly anticipate.

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