Toyota GR Yaris Roaring – 435HP Dyno Power

Turbo-Charged Three-Cylinder Hot Hatch
435BHP Garage Whifbitz GR Yaris & Corolla Turbo Kit dyno power run and track action!

The 1.6 litre motor of the Toyota GR Yaris is highly competent, to say the least. In this diminutive hot hatch, it contains 257 horsepower (268 hp as per Japanese configuration) and in the GR Corolla the G16E-GTS vehicle produces a notable 300 hp. Though, as with many turbo engines, there frequently exists latent room for even greater power production.

The purveyors of Garage Whifbitz, a renowned tuning powerhouse in England devoted mainly to Toyota rides, have created a new turbo package for the GR Yaris and GR Corolla. Depending on the turbocharger’s boost pressure, it can yield an astonishing 600 horses from the lilliputian three-cylinder powertrain. In the video highlighted at the top of this article, one of the first machines tapped for the upgrade is on display.

This dynometer recording provides evidence of the GR Yaris running with a pressure of 1.8 bars, sufficient for it to reach 364 hp at the wheels. This translates to an approximate power of 435 hp on the crankshaft. Moreover, the tuning team guaranteed “an impressive reaction from the engine, surpassing the performance of the previous electric turbo that was installed in the car”.

The mightiest set-up provided by Garage Whifbitz is undoubtedly the G25-660, giving approximately 510 hp with pump gasoline and up to an incredible 600 hp with E85. It is reported that it may be slightly slower to respond than the less powerful G25-550, yet surely the performance is raised dramatically. As of yet, we have not seen a GR Yaris installed with the 600 hp model of this set-up.

Speculation abounds that those who desire greater muscle from their hot hatch will find it satisfied by Toyota. Allegedly, a massively enhanced 1.6-liter engine will come standard, producing an extraordinary 300 horsepower at the point of purchase. Further developments in this highly anticipated plan also involve relocating an eight-speed automatic transmission to sit alongside the three-cylinder powerplant. As well, anticipations point towards modified suspension and braking systems as well as increased body stiffness, possibly hitting the market during 2021.

Source: Garage Whifbitz Car Tuning Specialist on YouTube

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