GR GT3 Test: Is a V8-Powered Roadgoing Sports Car Coming?

Sounds of a V8: Unknown Name

Thanks to a post from Mark Whitelegge on Twitter, it looks as though either Toyota or Lexus are soon to bring out a V8-powered street vehicle inspired by the GR GT3 Concept presented last year.

Have you ever pondered how we understand the specifics of a forthcoming model? Well, a tweet just demonstrated an effectively concealed GT3 prototype which fits with concept. The sound emitted from this engine appears comparable to that created by the 5.4-liter V8 in the RC F GT3, a progression from the RC F’s 5.0-liter power plant.

Additionally, GT3 vehicles must sport a base off of an existing automobile, yet there was nothing found in the inventory of Toyota or Lexus that reflected the intimidating look of this special GT3 prototype. Therefore, it appears plausible that one or both of these popular Japanese firms may form and construct a fresh sports car for the public.

Greetings to the Lexus/Toyota GT3! As of now, this vehicle has yet to receive a name, but its testing at Fuji Speedway has been captured on film. Major thanks goes to @_moraa17 for their brilliant images & video. #ToyotaGAZOORacing #PushingTheLimitsForImprovement #GT3 #ToyotaGT3 #LexusGT3 #BritishGT #GTWC #IMSA #FIAWEC

Up to this point, Toyota has yet to make public what will energize the GT3 car when it makes its maiden appearance, nor what type of automotive model the analogous road vehicle is heading after. However, all evidence suggests that the GR GT3 Concept-originated models will be adorning the Lexus stamp. Last year, Car and Driver had a conversation with Toyota Racing Development president David Wilson, wherein he affirmed that the GT3 car intended for competitive motor sports will eventually be coupled with a roadgoing RC follow-up.

At first, the concept of an RC-based racecar appears to be paradoxical. Its bulky size and its front-heavy engine aren’t compatible with successful performance, plus its steering capabilities are certainly nothing to be proud of, while its non-turbocharged motor can barely keep up in any environment other than sea level.

Toyota is taking a different approach with this one, commencing the design process of the auto racing car and then revising the street vehicle in its likeness. In this way, the succeeding Lexus RC F could actually be a bona fide comparable to the M4, perhaps even better.

The specific details of the GT3 must follow Balance of Performance regulations, so making guesses about its power is a futile venture. Nonetheless, if the RC F truly wants to rival the 503-horsepower M4 and the 671-hp C63, our conclusion is that it should aim at somewhere in between. A car with lavish amenities and cutting-edge technology should be capable of 550 horsepower, yet given the obsession with higher numbers in today’s consumer population, it could quite possibly be pushed near the 600 mark.

That would be a big boost compared to the current model’s greatest production of 472 hp, and if it succeeds in greatly decreasing the mass of the hefty C63 (4,654 lbs), it should be incredibly entertaining. We think the vehicle will likely be turbocharged this time, and possibly some kind of electrification could come to the RC line too, but for now, all we can do is hope that Toyota and Lexus fulfill their obligations. Let’s pray that this signifies the revival of the latter’s sports cars.

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