Possible Toyota Collaboration On Future Lexus Racecar Surfaces

Toyota trademarks GR GT for anticipated high-performance model.

Fans of Lexus may experience a sense of disappointment upon learning that the purported future Lexus racecar may, in fact, bear the Toyota emblem. A recent trademark application uncovered by AutoGuide indicates that Toyota has staked a claim on the name “GR GT,” implying the potential arrival of a new Toyota-branded racecar. As reported by CarBuzz, the same trademark has been registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and corresponding agencies in Denmark, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, and Great Britain.

Lexus has announced plans to produce a street-legal edition of the Toyota GR GT3 Concept, which was initially revealed at the 2022 Tokyo Auto Salon. According to Rob Leupen, director of Toyota’s World Endurance Championship (WEC) team, this upcoming racing vehicle will bear the Lexus emblem. However, Leupen has also mentioned that the possibility of this decision being altered still remains, as it ultimately depends on the progress and development within the Toyota company.

The rumor was highly intriguing, especially since it involved a racecar that was supposedly set to replace the RC F in the GT3 class.

Will this be a victory for Toyota enthusiasts? It seems so, as they may have the chance to witness a highly enhanced version of the Toyota GR Supra, complying with GT3 rules which mandate using road-worthy models. Is a top-tier model for both on and off-track on its way, reminiscent to the prestigious Toyota 2000GT? Undoubtedly, it will deliver impressive track capabilities, considering the brand’s approach of creating racing vehicles before adapting them for public use.

According to reports, the upcoming racecar is set to be equipped with a 4.0-liter V8 engine that features twin turbochargers and an electric motor, generating an impressive 1,000 horsepower. In September of last year, a model of the high-performance Lexus/Toyota vehicle was caught on camera at Japan’s Motegi Circuit, and the sound of its eight-cylinder powerplant was truly magnificent.

Although numerous trademark filings have been uncovered from automakers, not all of them are intended for actual production vehicles. Some may be reserved for use in other products, such as advertising campaigns. For fans of both Toyota and Lexus, the optimal outcome could involve the release of a Toyota GR GT model first, followed by a potential Lexus counterpart known as the LFR.

There could potentially be a Vision Gran Turismo prototype in development. We can only hope that we won’t have to wait an extended period of time for confirmation.

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