Grab Handles: Life-Savers in Ford Bronco Accidents.

Window Breaker of Many Uses

Ford has submitted a patent application for an ingeniously disguised device which is actually used to break windows from the inside of any car. As discovered by CarBuzz, this filing was made with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

It is evident that the grab handle of the automobile can be taken off and applied as a hammer for breaking windows. Like Ford explains, these escape hammers are fairly well-known, however this tool has a few distinct features. It not only allows for a window to be swiftly broken into but, furthermore, it contains a cutting mechanism that is tailored to cut through seat belt material. Nothing peculiar here!

What sets this tool apart is its RF signal communication technology, which is used to get in contact with a sinking automobile. In addition, this signal can also be used to identify whether the individual inside has exited the vehicle or still inside. This assistance is beneficial for the emergency services to locate those people trapped within. This device is furthermore equipped with a power source, as well as an LED light.

It’s not a stand-alone apparatus, but instead works in cooperation with detectors and communication systems either inside or outside the auto. Upon detecting an accident through the car’s accelerometer, it’ll be triggered to unlock. It is important to note that as it is a sharp article, you wouldn’t want youngsters to have easy access to it. When not in a situation like one aboard the Titanic, it must still fulfil its task of acting as a firm handle for any passengers. To avoid being coerced by any hitchhikers who will use a portion of your own car.

The motor vehicle is sinking, and meanwhile, a different detector will be keeping an eye on the water level. The instant the liquid goes over the top of the tires, it will set off the emergency alert and sparkle the LED light. Subsequently, you’ll be expected to manage without help. That’s where the window fracture and cutter become handy.

In the event of liberation, the reception from the tool remains unbroken and constant, as the identificator on the vehicle is prone to malfunctioning eventually. This is furthermore advantageous if you want to escape from a compromising situation that can still be hazardous.

The doodles show a Ford Bronco, however this innovation can easily be concealed in every automobile the company presently manufactures. Though not widespread, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration made public a study affirming that from 2004 to 2007, 384 individuals died by drowning in their automobiles. There are only limited studies concerning this question and the estimated figure these days is likely to be around 20 people per annum. Australia is so apprehensive about it that they are even deliberating including drowning cars as a component of their Australasian New Car Assessment Program.

Evidently, the intention of this tool is not confined simply to extricating oneself from a submerged vehicle; yet, it seems largely predicated on such functionality given its aquatic sensors. Regardless, it appears to be a handy apparatus to possess in an automobile in anticipation of disastrous eventualities necessitating window demolition, especially when perusing the abundance of window-shattering gadgets accessible to purchase over the Internet.

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