First Look At Ferrari’s LaFerrari Successor Unveiled

USPTO Patent: Prototype of Ford F250 Design

Ferrari aficionados have been kept on the edges of their seats since photographer Varryx lurked in the shadows and identified a fully veiled sport auto prototype around Maranello, Italy a mere twelve months ago. Supposedly, this could be the long-awaited replacement for the LaFerrari hypercar, yet covering aspects meant that spectators were not able to discern its legitimate form. Nevertheless, a car design emerging from a patent paper which was submitted to the United States Patent and Trademark Office appears extremely similar to the model, thus resulting in further queries and doubts.

Ferrari submitted an application for trademark registration to the United States Patent and Trademark Office on December 5th, 2023. That request obtained the patent ID US-D1006680-S of a vehicle. Ferrari S.p.A. from Modena, Italy was the applicant, with Adalberto Cattabriga, Luca Zanetti, and Matteo Biancalana listed as the innovators. This might not be a new Ferrari automobile, since it is purely aesthetic, indicating its character is cosmetic, and its potential to be patented rests on visual elements such as its structure and measure.

By filing for a patent of its motor car design, Ferrari can safeguard it from being replicated by any other companies or persons. This gives them the legal upper hand to take action should anyone make use of this design in their own inventions. The patent paperwork consist of one claim and seven images which display the vehicle’s external image from various angles including top, frontal, side, front elevational, right side elevational, rear elevational, left side elevational, top plan and bottom plan views.

The US-D1006680-S alludes to other design patents, with Cattabriga enumerated as one of the creators. Comparable to the conjectured follow-up to the LaFerrari—codenamed F250—the prototype of the mysterious vehicle is equipped with an intimidating aerodynamical package, implying enhanced execution abilities.

The interesting thing about the prototype is that once the aero kit is taken away and certain body panels modified, there are strong similarities to what has been illustrated in the patent drawings. This Patent does not specify whether it matches Ferrari’s F250, but certain aspects of the design may be incorporated for the upcoming LaFerrari successor. These include twin wings, located on either side at the back, and an understated spoiler above the boot. Plus, there is an extremely extravagant looking diffuser very similar to those seen on the test mule just recently photographed, as well as its side profile and glass windows.

It is quite simple to observe, even from a casual look, that the newly patented plan carries an attractive Ferrari-like quality. It appears conspicuously akin to Ferrari’s latest models, like the SF90. The vast amount of identical patents with comparative sketches displays just how meticulous the Italian sports car manufacturer is about its designs. Breaching number wise, Ferrari now has numerous patents, not excluding one for an ingestion intensification framework. The ornamental design patent might not be associated with the F250 hypercar, but it could affect the aesthetics of Ferrari’s upcoming sports cars. Only time can unveil if these patent plans are a LaFerrari successor portent, an entire new model, or altogether nothing.

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) implements administrative procedures that govern trademark registration for all applicants. The USPTO supervises the application process related to legal trademark protection for any aspiration. This department’s activity ensures that all criteria are satisfied for subsequent approval or disapproval from the USPTO.The USPTO administers an official procedure which rules over trademark subscription for every entrant. This organization exercises authoritative processes which guarantee that all conditions are met before a confirmation or denial from the USPTO is issued.

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