Grinch Steals Christmas Tree from Jesus

Man Steal Family’s Christmas Tree on Security Cam
Suspects steal Christmas tree California car

This time around, giving appears to be the concept that has been overlooked. Surveillance videos from San Mateo, California show a peculiar scene in which an individual is seen stealing someone’s holiday tree from off of the top of their automobile while out in the open. Clearly, not everyone received the memo!

The footage chronicles a person maneuvering an Infiniti QX80 beyond the Honda CR-V with a tree in its trunk before reconfiguring their course and parking diagonally. After exiting from the SUV, they stroll up to the Honda and slice the measures that held onto the tree then return to the Infiniti.

The driver pauses for a few moments before departing, pulling open the Infiniti’s trunk. Immediately drawing out the tree from the top of the other automobile, they stuff it into their own with alacrity. Vigorously attempting to shut the hatchback, the operator finally gets it locked after several attempts. Getting back behind the wheel, they speed away from the scene, a bit of foliage still slightly visible in the rear end of their QX80.

In accordance with the ABC 7 News local station, the occurrence occurred Friday night while Jesus, the casualty, carried out an errand in a neighbourhood company. The San Mateo Police Office affirmed to the news outlet that they have yet to identify the assumed tree thief. As per NBC Bay Area, the victim chose not to submit a law enforcement report.

The entire episode is peculiar. The operator’s pilfering took a number of minutes to conclude, yet no one seemed to observe it. It was an audacious larceny for something as inexpensive as a Christmas tree, and we are rendered inquiring why someone would appropriate it in the primary position.

The police department informed ABC 7 that the incident was “unique,” and it has us questioning if there is more to the story. In this current climate, anything could be a ploy for views and likes, though if that were the case here, it would be considered a total flop.

Motor1 has contacted the San Mateo Police Department for extra data regarding the episode. Subsequently, the family was presented with a replacement tree.

Sources: ABC 7 News, NBC Bay Area, Fox 11 Los Angeles

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