Hear Aventador SVJ Roar Like F1 on Autobahn

Driver Reaches 193 mph on Highway

Do you need a little boost? You’ve come to the perfect location. Blast your sound system and revel in the astonishing audio of this Lamborghini Aventador SVJ zooming on the Autobahn, complete with an exhaust emitting intense bursts of fire!

You’ll discover the autobahn cowboy in this flick from AutoTopNL rapidly toggling thru the gears, despite not needing to do so. We can understand why as that V12 engine in the Aventador really roars at around 4k rpm and becomes an infernal screech when that powertrain builds to 9k.

The incredible Aventador SVJ produces a truly magnificent sound in its factory default condition, yet it is not quite typically normally like this so fierce. There’s something about the howl here which brings to mind V12-driven Formula One cars from the dawn of the nineties. The video does not make clear what type of exhaust is on the Lamborghini, although interest users in YouTube’s comment section suggest it could be a Gintani system worth almost $14,000.

Bringing the spotlight to its remarkable sound, the driver lets the Aventador SVJ let loose. This car is capable of reaching a maximum speed of 193.2 mph (311 kph) on a public road with other vehicles on it, which is astonishingly swift. The top speed officially listed by the manufacturer is 216 mph (350 kph), indicating that this Lamborghini still had a great deal of acceleration left.

The uber-hot Lamborghini SVJ is powered by a 6.5-litre V12 engine that produces a remarkable 759 bhp and 531 lb-ft of torque. It comes exclusively with a seven-speed automated transmission. Moreover, it’s equipped with active aerodynamics which can be used to offer maximum downforce or reduce drag depending on the situation– we’d bet this instance was in order to achieve such a high velocity.

Source: Auto Top NL

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