High Schoolers: Ohio Drag Strip Offers Racing Class

Young Car Enthusiasts – Speed Up Safely.

Edgewater Sports Park located in Ohio has just recently presented a novel drag racing class offered for teens that adore cars. This will give them a safe and thrilling way to fulfill their desire for velocity.

The incoming freshman class of 2023 has the privilege of taking part in an amazing program that can help to prevent reckless driving on public roads by not only adolescents, but other road users as well. In order to participate, any interested teen must meet certain criteria.

Cars unable to complete the quarter-mile in 11.60 seconds or less are prohibited, and any vehicle with a speed exceeding 13.99 necessitate the driver to have a helmet verified by Snell that was made after 2015. Furthermore, a valid driver’s license is essential; temporary licenses cannot be tolerated.

Competing vehicles must utilize DOT-approved street tires, and while modifications are not disallowed by regulations, nitrous oxide systems, trans brakes, throttle stops, and delay boxes cannot be utilized. Although there is no explicitly stated reason to prohibit these items, one can likely assume this is in order to make sure novice drivers have an enjoyable experience without being overwhelmed by competitiveness. As they say, it’s all about having fun!

Ultimately, the car and time must be visible on the side window; thus, neither the vehicle nor the driver is allowed to participate in further classes. As illustrated, children will show up with whatever vehicle they can get, whether it be an older Ford Mustang or their mum’s Chevy Impala.

This is a fantastic notion, demonstrating to young motorists that it’s possible for them to enjoy themselves whilst behind the steering wheel without taking to the road and participating in unlawful conduct.

Street racing is a serious issue in the United States, with “wannabe” cast members of the movie Fast and Furious carrying out extreme feats and driving from one location to another at dangerous speeds on public roads. To counter this, certain regions have taken a virtually no-tolerance stance, with perpetrators facing potentially having their automobiles confiscated if apprehended.

Despite efforts by police forces to deter motorists from reckless driving, some – even young and unskilled ones – feel they are exempt from adhering to laws. Just recently, a 17-year-old motorist was apprehended speeding at 108 mph in a 40 mph speed limit zone and even attempted evading police when they were in pursuit of him.

Introducing a fresh high school course at Edgewater Sports Park is bound to enthuse youth with the exhilaration of velocity without traversing any prohibited lines. We dreamt of having some variation of this whilst we were in our secondary schooling years and expect it spreads nationwide.

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