HiPhi’s Electric Vehicle Proves Unbeatable in Challenging Norwegian Cold Weather Range Test

Record-Breaking Distance: HiPhi Z’s Impressive Performance at NAF El Prix

According to the “world’s largest EV range test” organized by the NAF (Norwegian Automobile Federation) El Prix, a Chinese electric vehicle (EV) startup has successfully surpassed Tesla in terms of range. The competition, which is known for its rigorous testing, saw the Chinese company emerge as the winner.

The brand under discussion is HiPhi, a high-end Chinese electric vehicle company established in 2019. Their sleek and modern HiPhi Z achieved an impressive distance of 522 km (324 miles) on one charge, surpassing the Tesla Model 3 by 50 miles, despite the latter boasting the longest range on paper. The HiPhi Z outperformed all other cars in the test according to WLTP standards, with a difference of 46 miles in comparison to the Tesla Model 3.

During the experiment, it is important to mention that wintertime conditions were also taken into account. We are aware that this could potentially impact the test’s range.

The NAF El Prix’s range tests have long been dominated by the Tesla Model 3, reigning as the king since 2020. Therefore, HiPhi’s recent win is even more remarkable than it appears. Not only that, but the Z also stands out as the sole vehicle to have “a deviation of less than 10% [compared to official estimates] in the winter test, and the furthest distance ever achieved in the history of the test by any car.” In fact, the margin was a mere 5.9%, making it the lowest among all electric vehicles tested.

In the ranking of the best three luxury cars, the HiPhi Z triumphed over the second-place contender Lotus Eletre, surpassing its range by running 465 kilometers (289 miles) before requiring a recharge. The BMW i5 also proved to be a strong competitor, coming in closely behind the British SUV with a recorded range of 444 kilometers (276 miles) in the testing.

Unquestionably, HiPhi made a significant presence at the 2024 NAF El Prix event, and the assessment aims to assist individuals in determining the most suitable electric vehicle for their transportation requirements.

Variety is not the sole defining feature of this brand, as it recently unveiled a powerful four-door hypercar known as the A. Boasting an impressive 1,287 horsepower, this model edges out the Lucid Air Sapphire by 53 horses, thanks to its tri-motor configuration.

Despite creating a buzz in the automotive world, Chinese electric vehicles (EVs) are not expected to enter the US market anytime soon. As a matter of fact, American legislators have called upon the Biden administration to increase tariffs on cars manufactured in China. Thus, for the time being, we can only admire the progress of EVs in the largest car-producing country globally.The Chinese EV sector has certainly caught the attention of many, but it is unlikely that these vehicles will make their way into the US market in the near future. In fact, lawmakers in the US are calling on the Biden administration to impose higher tariffs on cars made in China. For now, we can simply observe the advancements in EV technology coming out of the world’s biggest auto industry.

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