Hofele Gives Mercedes AMG G63 Carbon-Fiber Look

Carbon Fiber Bumpers and Wheel Arches

Hofele Design, being known for tuning Mercedes-Benz cars such as the G-Class, has unveiled a new look for it – the G-Class Evolution by Hofele. Dedicated to the G63 AMG, this styling pack subtly modifies the boxy yet aggressive design that is characteristic of the car.

Examine intently and you’ll see that the Evolution package carries with it a completely re-imagined front bumper. This component is crafted from carbon fiber and sports L-shaped daytime running lights, something not included on the average G-Class. Furthermore, the frontage is invigorated by the addition of the Hofele grille, which shifts out the classic three-pointed star in favour of the tuning house’s logo.

The fresh bumper assimilates gracefully into the powerful wheel arches, which are also formed of carbon fiber. These musclular-looking additions have integrated vents and can come in a customer’s selection of gloss black, painted to the color of the body or non-painted carbon fiber.

Hofele has bestown a new, carbon fiber-crafted bumper designed for the G-Class at its back. Amplifying the aesthetic are special G-framed styling cues incorporated into the design. Moreover, they have swapped out the typical rear spare wheel cover with an ultra-sleek turbine style one, which mirrors the metal air vents found inside the luxurious cabin of the G63.

It’s very fine and only devotees of the G-Class will be able to perceive a variation. Hofele has not specified an amount for the Evolution package. Yet, we surmise that those who buy the styling kit would be quite careful – you wouldn’t want your costly carbon fiber additions to get marred in a parking lot.

Since 2019, Hofele has been engaged in altering the subsequent iteration of the Gelandewagen, which launched the previous year. A notable illustration of this can be found in the HG Ultimate – a luxurious adaptation of the G-Class boasting rear-hinged coach doors and a plushly appointed cabin.

Customers can select from multiple alloy wheel designs, some reaching a diameter of 24 inches. The designated Mercedes-Benz confidant has not yet exposed thorough images of the interior, however as depicted below, it appears to be an extraordinary space. The seats have already been reupholstered in premium leather, while the ceiling is enlivened by a starlight canopy reminiscent of that seen on Rolls-Royce cars.

Do you desire your G-Class to be different from the rest, however avoiding an obnoxious Brabus or ostentatiously garish Mansory makeover? Then Hofele may have the answer! There’s no reference to any tweaks under the bonnet, so it could be thought that this G63 still carries the familiar 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 engine, delivering 577 bhp, 627 lb ft of force and the unmistakable deep rumble of a V8.

Last year, the firm created their fresh main office in Stuttgart and exhibited the first consumer automobile to be discharged from the modern headquarters.

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