Honda Seats Going Sofa-Style

Here for What?

Honda has presented a request to the United States Patent and Trade organization for including a sofa as a substitute for back seats in their vehicles. Automobile devotees at CarBuzz chanced upon the demand, which is arguably the most uncommon they’ve encountered thus far.

Put succinctly, Honda is dealing with an issue regarding the seat installation in autos. At present, each part of the seat is set up first and afterward the trim adornments are then connected to the borders of the body. Subsequently, the seatback is secured onto the primary edge of the seat, trailed by the armrests. Finally, the seat base(s) are coupled to the main frame.

Observe the picture of the backends of a Honda CR-V, located below, and it will clearly display all referred parts from Honda enumerated earlier, shaping them into the customary seating arrangement denoted as the second row bench. Verified for correctness.

Honda has suggested an innovative mounting apparatus that could be utilized for the installation of a cushion-like piece of furniture. This remarkable innovation is something which can only be characterized as an upholstered seat – or, in other words, a sofa.

The primary components of this innovative technique are crosswise and side body supports. Honda’s couch will be linked to these supports. The actual seating elements comprise of a key seat frame, an affixed seatback and outboard bolstering mounted on the side body mounts.

As depicted in the picture below, the primary chairbase is affixed to the lateral mount that is secured to the floor. The seatback is fastened to both the major seat frame and then the secondary mounts offering sufficient anchorage for a safety belt.

Normally, a producer could make assertions about the advantages in the patent petition, yet Honda just states that this latest seating layout will have an effect on the car’s physical appearance. We concur that it might be a more attractive seat configuration than a bench. The middle occupant will gain the most, since their behind will no longer fall into the crevices between the small middle chair and the back outer seats.

The centre rider could also enjoy the advantages of heated seating, which is usually accessible merely to exterior outboard chairs. This system may correspond with a different patent Honda registered for seats having a built-in suspension arrangement, providing the best possible comfort short of a Rolls-Royce.

Honda may be capable of stretching this idea to manufacture a fold-out sleeping van. Ponder a Honda Odyssey that brings out a slumber quarter for the adults while giving the little ones the option to camp outdoors? Although, alas, due to the patent failing to allow for the seatback to be folded down, embarking on the back row would look to be tricky. Conceivably, Honda might have a foresightful vision, enhancing the enjoyment of occupants travelling in their Level 5 self-driving car. After all, they were the first firm to contend Level 3 automation.

This layout may have fewer components than a conventional second-row seat, indicating that this might be an effort to save money. Nonetheless, it is still undetermined what the ultimate result of this change will be.

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