Honda Unveils Fresh Vintage Emblem for EV Lineup

Slimmer H: Honda’s Electric Vehicle Arrival.

Honda has announced that their electric vehicles (EVs) will soon have a new logo. The company is making changes to their well-known “H mark,” which has been a consistent feature on all of their cars since 1981. The updated logo, described by Honda as symbolizing “two outstretched hands,” is a sleeker and more simplistic version of the current H, without the trapezoid border.

The latest emblem bears a considerable likeness to Honda’s initial emblem. Unveiled in 1963 (as depicted in the chronology below), the original “H” displayed a comparable slim and top-weighted construction, except that it was wider instead of taller. This symbol was only briefly utilized in the United States on Honda’s inaugural vehicle, the 1969 N600, before being revamped in 1969.

Honda is set to unveil its latest H emblem on upcoming models of the 0 Series electric vehicles. These innovative EVs, built from scratch with a focus on sustainability, will hit the American market in 2026. Furthermore, they will be equipped with their own distinct branding, as shown below.

The US version may use a hybrid powertrainHonda has recently unveiled their latest concept vehicles, the Saloon and the Space-Hub, which include both a sedan and a van with a cutting-edge wedge-shaped design. These two models from the 0 Series are set to revolutionize American streets; the newly designed H emblem may make its debut on US roads for the first time with the anticipated production model. A hybrid engine option is expected to be offered for the US version.

It is currently unknown if the recently announced “H” emblem will be combined with the fully spelled-out Honda branding on the rear of the upcoming electric SUV, the Prologue, or if the Prologue will receive the updated emblem in a future facelift. While Honda has not actively emphasized the similarities to their original car logo, given the current trend of reviving nostalgic models and names at Honda and other companies, it is worth considering if we may see throwback ads or vehicles from Honda in the near future.

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