Opel: New Logo Launches 2024

Revamped Emblem: A Fresh Take.
The new Opel logo - This is our energy.​

Opel has enlisted with other automakers in revising their logo as the market moves towards making electric vehicles. Their new interpretation of the badge will begin appearing on Opel’s manufacturing cars from early next year. The auto brand will be implementing the new logo to the rest of their range across the coming years.

Opel’s fresh streak of lightning emblem – or “Blitz” in the native language – links the automobile firm to electric power. In Europe, their target is to be a completely electric company by 2028 and this year they plan on having 15 electrified vehicles in their collection, as reported by CEO Florian Huettl.

The initial production automobile equipped with the redefined emblem will reach the market in 2024, but we’ll be able to view the tweaked badge through-out the year. We do not know what specific vehicle the new insignia will appear on initially. Opel foreshadows a noteworthy grand unveiling of the emblem during this year’s IAA Mobility, the Munich Auto Exhibition, prearranged with an anticipated “shock” for its attendees.

In 2020, after joining forces with the PSA Group, Opel underwent a revamp of its branding. This would eventually become part of Stellantis, following the merger with Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. The renewed emblem closely mirrors the existing version, with additional space around the central lightning bolt separating it from the circumscribing ring. Additionally, it has additionally been made to be slightly more defined.

The fresh logo will still rest in the core of the Opel Vizor company identity, which is a central factor in both exterior and interior design. “The updated, assertive ‘Blitz’ logo now joins our hallmark circle symbol, giving our emblem a contemporary, cutting edge style”, stated Mark Adams, Opel’s VP of Design.

Opel is now a part of a rapidly increasing number of carmakers revamping their emblems and trademarks. Last week, Infiniti declared a slight adjustment in theirs, exhibiting a brand-new 3D symbol and establishing new frameworks for their merchandise outlets. This year, Opel is the fourth maker to upgrade their logo, next to Jaguar Land Rover and Porsche.

Since 2019, countless automakers, including Volkswagen, Renault, Peugeot, Nissan, Lotus, Kia, General Motors and Cadillac, have revamped their logos and insignia. As these companies strive to expand their range of electric vehicles, they are making further changes in order to communicate to customers the alterations in their business approach.

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