Honda Unveils GR86-Competing Hybrid Sports Coupe

22 Years On: Honda Keeping Combustion in the Prelude.

Honda currently only possesses a single sporty vehicle in its portfolio – the Civic Type R – but this is all set to change, with the firm having just unveiled a zesty two-doors coupé concept device at the Japanese Mobility Festival. Make no mistake, what’s more noteworthy still is that Honda is bringing back its Honda Prelude illustrative label!

Amid numerous electric designs for different types of transportation, Honda recently presented the Prelude Concept to elucidate their dedication to bringing joy through mobility even in a world steered by electrification.

Honda has officially indicated that the Prelude will be a hybrid, not as initially anticipated a battery-electric automobile. This text has been ammended to incorporate this most recent information.

At the conclusion of the Honda press conference, Toshihiro Mibe, President of Honda, made a surprise announcement: “We understand our customers are expecting something extra from us, and that is sports models.” The majority of the press conference had been dedicated to the company’s mobility initiatives, but the President’s words were met with excitement from the crowd.

It has been two decades since the release of the last Prelude, a vehicle that was made available for five years (from 1996 – 2001); the fifth generation brought forth the ever-iconic Type S in Japan and North America had the pleasure of obtaining the Type SH. Dynamism was obtained through a 2.2-litre four-cylinder motor producing an impressive 200bhp which was then transferred to the front wheels via a five speed manual transmission.

Reviving the sports coupe genre appears to be Honda’s goal, and while we did expectantly anticipate the return of the S2000, Honda’s decision to bring back the Prelude too is not unfavourable. With its sleek silhouette and modest size, one could liken the vehicle to that of Toyota’s GR86 and Subaru’s BRZ; distinguishing features include its exterior design sans and interior visibility. It also looks as though this model may have a capacity for two rows of seating like those other sporty automobiles; if so, whether or not it will imitate their rear-wheel drive layout is still uncertain.

“At the automobile electrification business briefing we held last year, I discussed the potential for future sports models. Today, I am pleased to conclude my presentation by unveiling one of these models – the specialty sports model. Sadly, not many details were revealed, but I did hint that this is heading to production.”

We were initially under the impression that the “Prelude Concept” was a purely electric vehicle, however Honda representatives have confirmed that it is in fact a hybrid-electric, and not a full BEV. It would be great if the Type R could have the same powertrain as the Civic Type R, however it’s more likely that the base model will be fitted with the hybrid powertrain from the new Civic Hybrid.

“The joy of driving” will be the main focus of Honda’s new car, regardless of its powertrain, Mibe promised at the show. He also encouraged people to have high hopes for the model, as Honda is making strides in their EV systems.

It is anticipated that a finalized edition shall be displayed by the termination of 2024.

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