Hurst SC/Rambler Restomod: NASCAR Tribute

Generating 657HP at Crank

1969 will be remembered for some intense muscle cars, such as the Ford Mustang Mach 1, yet this is certainly not the one and only worthy entry of the category. Rare and remarkable, AMC had the Hurst SC/Rambler or as some might call it, the Scrambler. This particular exemplar happens not to be one for the museum’s display. AMC created a mere 1,512 of these extraordinary muscle cars.

The 1969 AMC Hurst Scrambler has a remarkable backstory which Scot, its producer, elaborates during the introduction. However, it becomes emphatically evident that this is no typical Scrambler – now known as the Super Scrambler.

The most remarkable aspect yet though is that the engine isn’t simply an ordinary LS swap, but a real AMC engine. It’s made from a 401 block and has a 390 crank along with LS connecting rods, as well as numerous other alterations. Despite this, it outputted astonishing power, completely without any form of forced induction.

Super Rare 700 hp AMC/Hurst SC Rambler Scrambler

In combination with a Holley fuel injection system and Edelbrock cylinder heads, the automobile’s engine produced 657 horsepower on the crankshaft at 7,300 revolutions per minute and had an approximately 562 hp measurement at the wheels on a separate dyno. The motor is connected to a five-speed Keisler transmission, a Ford nine-inch rear end, and 4.30:1 gear ratio.

Scot declared that the vehicle weighed approximately 2,700 pounds after being altered, which is comparable to a current three-door Mini Cooper. With the power noted, the auto’s incredible power-to-weight proportion promises to be an enjoyable ride.

The objective was to maintain the integrity, however the builder resorted to manipulating the aesthetics; including infusing metallic flakes on the navy and scarlet stripes to re-create the Hot Wheels effect.

The crew of custom Magnum 500s (15×4 in. out front and 15×12.5 in. at the back) are combined with Mickey Thompson slicks behind, and drag radials up front. Wilwood brakes put a stop to the potent power.

Within the cabin, a fresh reworking had been done utilizing a stock foundation, yet the headrests had been noticeably upgraded to display the American flag idea with a metal flaked finish. The craftsman likewise embedded several race-style modifications like installing a roll cage and omitting the rear seats.

It’s a distinct yet spotless creation with some magnificent NASCAR roots, and the OEM+ motor consolidates all its elements.

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