Hyundai Ioniq 5 Spy Shots Show Refreshed Fascias

Can’t Avoid Relocated Parking Sensors.

The Hyundai Ioniq 5 has only been introduced a few years, yet it is already in line for an aesthetic revamp. This electric vehicle made its debut in February 2021 and it is expected that the upgraded model will be unveiled during the midpoint of 2022.

It is fairly difficult to identify several of the fresh stylistic features on the crossover. The automobile maker probably will be mostly adjusting the front and back fascia, which are hidden and distorted by camo-wrap and cladding. From under the protective layers, the bumpers look more low-key than on the present vehicle, with the parking sensors obviously in different sites on both sides.

It appears that lighting isn’t shifting much. The pixelated features, which lend the vehicle a lot of personality, seem unchanged on the reworked Ioniq 5, though Hyundai may equip them with new visuals. Additionally, the guards placed over the entrances imply that the sharp body contours along the sides might not remain during the car’s transformation.

Recent spy photographs do not provide a glimpse into the interior design of the car. Despite the absence of the white two-screen combination typically seen containing the navigation and infotainment modules, it is speculated that this component has simply been obscured by the person behind the wheel. In the past, automakers have refrained from revamping stylings inside the cabin during mid-refreshes, but recently, due to an increased reliance on technology for a smooth user experience, this approach is becoming more frequent.

It appears the 5’s redesign may sync with Hyundai launching a fresh N-Line trim amongst the 320-horsepower two motor version and the hefty Ioniq 5 N, estimated to have up to 641 horsepower. To set it apart from the other models, Hyundai could include exclusive body adjustments, tires, and additional improvements. Certainly there is space in the selection for this particular offering.

There appears to be no visible indication that Hyundai is planning on a significant enhancement to the Ioniq 5’s engine assortment. As things stand, the organization now provides the base range, introductory electric car with 168 horsepower driving the back wheels. The extensive-range, rear-wheel-drive version presents 225 hp. By utilizing a second motor for all-wheel-drive, the power output jumps up to 320 hp. We can expect the manufacturer to modify the motors and batteries, making them more efficient.

It is uncertain when Hyundai is set to unveil the revamped Ioniq 5. Evident in these shots, the car has quite a number of covers on it, so possibly not being revealed until the half way point of 2021. It is hopefully that the following spy photographs will showcase the automobile sans obscuring covering.

Source: SH Proshots

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