Hyundai & Kia: Reinventing Tech with N Vision 74.

Hyundai’s Hydrogen Patents Continue Unabated

Hyundai has just submitted another patent to the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) that could potentially lead to the production of the N Vision 74 concept. CarBuzz noticed the patent, which was published on December 14, 2023, for a “vehicle rear body structure” that includes hydrogen storage tanks behind the cabin in a parallel formation. Although the patent images look like they could be of a Kia Stinger (check out that C-pillar), the hydrogen tank design is very similar to what was seen in the N Vision 74.

Hyundai candidly divulged that the N Vision 74 stands as a platform for testing out new ideas, yet usually functioning prototypes don’t incorporate this many covered patents.

Back in the earlier part of this year, we uncovered numerous patent filings related to multiple structures and fuel cells by Hyundai. Since then, it doesn’t appear that the issuance has ceased. Additionally, Hyundai has not actually denied the plausibility of producing the N Vision 74. After the inaugural launch of this model, its executives had constantly insinuated about the significance of releasing it into production and public demand for it was immense. The trademarking of “N 74”, as opposed to having the “Vision” included invigorated talks that a production vehicle might well be imminent, and follow-up exchanges appeared to affirm their dedication towards making this come to fruition. This latest news certainly sticks with that same idea.

The patent goes into substantial detail discussing the design of the rear subframe to accommodate various parts, such as the suspension, two tanks, a fuel cell, and other components. Additionally, it makes provisions for the battery, hydrogen power stack, motor, and inverter module.

The diagrams may take advantage of the Kia Stinger’s body shell, however the design doesn’t permit utilization of the rear seats, demonstrating that a performance coupe is more suitable for this structure. Currently, Hyundai produces a single hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle – the Nexo – but a halo performance coupe could possibly be the ideal way to change public opinion about the potential of hydrogen.

In tandem with the advanced technology found in the Ioniq 5 N performance EV, there is great potential for this vehicle to become a success story for Hyundai.

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