Hyundai Kona: Electric Sporty N Version

Hyundai’s N Brand Gains Electric Momentum

Spy photographers associated with CarBuzz recently photographer an up-to-date edition of the Hyundai Kona Electric whilst in Europe, providing evidence that ultimately indicates either a completely new N-Line embellishment or an absolute N version. Gossip has been circulating for a while that noted that the new Kona N would merely be on tap in an electric format, and this may potentially be the first hint that these whispers were right after all.

The wheels, side skirting, and back diffuser which are adorning this prototype promise a sporty edition, while the absence of exhaust tips implies an electric power source. Conversely, we don’t observe the usual rear wing from the Kona N so this trial car is in all likelihood an N-Line version much like the one spotted at approximately the same time last year.

Hyundai has announced ideas for more electrified N vehicles to arrive in the imminent future, and commencing with the moderate-priced Kona looks like a wise move to expand the business’ influence. After all, not everyone can afford the estimated cost of $70K for an Ioniq 5 N. Not to mention, we have already seen from Hyundai’s SEMA initiative, the Kona Jayde Concept, that the small crossover is definitely made for a more daring look.

If Hyundai keep their costs low while delivering a pleasing electric vehicle with just the right touch of sportiness, there is no doubt they will have another success story in the making. It still remains to be seen exactly how sporty this model will be.

As a reminder, the Kona’s gas model offers up to 190 hp, its electric version is capable of 201, while the Kona N unleashes 276 horses. Should Hyundai rethink the Kona N as an electronic automobile, it’s expected that the power would exceed 300 ponies in order to still provide impetuousness notwithstanding the presence of an excessive battery; if this turns out to simply be an electric Kona given N-Line treatments, there will likely be either a slight upgrade or nothing new at all in terms of performance.

It is incontestable that we have many queries compared to satisfactory solutions. Consequently, nothing can be disregarded until the beginning of 2021. Until when, by all means, vigilance will be kept for any more illustrative models entering our dispute.

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